Student Research

The Crown Family School IRB reviews research that involves human subjects undertaken at the Crown Family School initiated by faculty, staff or students. The IRB review will focus on such issues as minimizing risk to the subjects, ensuring voluntary participation, and protecting privacy and confidentiality.

Any student, PhD or AM, initiating a research study must have a Crown Family School faculty member with a PhD as an advisor. The advisor will serve as the principal investigator on the study and will have signature authority on all submissions to the Crown Family School IRB.

Not all student initiated research needs to undergo IRB review. If the research is a class-related activity for the purpose of studying research methodology or similar topics IRB review is not required. If the research findings for the class will be written up and submitted for publication or disseminated outside the class then IRB review is required. In these instances the class instructor will likely be the advisor.

Dissertation Research

Before formally submitting a protocol for dissertation research to the IRB, doctoral students should have received approval from their dissertation proposal hearing. It is strongly recommended that doctoral students meet with the IRB Coordinator at least two weeks in advance of their dissertation hearing to begin preliminary preparation of the protocol submission to the IRB.

Student Research Projects

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