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Dual Master's in Social Work and Social Sector Leadership and Nonprofit Management

The SW/SSL Dual Degree program is for prospective students who want to combine the Crown Family School’s rigorous and broad program in Social Work, Social Policy, and Social Administration with advanced training in Social Sector Leadership and Nonprofit Management. Graduates from this program will have two master’s degrees, both granted from the Crown Family School. Students in the Dual Degree program come with at least two years of work experience in the social sector and know that they want to advance their knowledge in social work broadly, as well as refine their management and leadership skills more specifically. This program is especially well suited to students who want to pursue the clinical concentration in the SW program but also want to use their time at the Crown Family School to extend their management capabilities. Some Social Administration Concentration students also pursue the dual degree in order to gain advanced and in-depth training across two or more Social Administration Clusters: Community Organizing, Planning, and Development; Management; or Policy Planning, Analysis, and Advocacy.

What are the benefits of the dual degree?

Students who do the dual degree will leave the Crown Family School with a CSWE accredited social work degree, proficiency in direct practice, and a marketable degree in management that demonstrates their experience and leadership in that area. With these degrees, students will know that they are trained to meet any challenge with flexibility and expertise. This is ideal for students who see themselves in roles that cut across sectors or job responsibilities, or for who are looking to maximize their time at the Crown Family School.


  • Students need to be admitted to both programs. Admission to one is not contingent on admission to the other.
  • Students should have at least TWO years of full-time work experience. The Crown Family School will count the first year field placement (internship) in the SW program as the third year for the minimum SSL work experience requirement.
  • Currently, the program is designed as a full-time program only.
  • Students must complete the required courses for both programs, including two year-long field placements for the SW program and a 10-week Summer practicum for the SSL program.
  • The Dual Degree program is compatible with either the Clinical or the Social Administration Concentrations in the SW program.

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