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Advancing a More Just and Humane Society

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Having professors who are literally the leading voices in a lot of conversations within social work is awesome. It’s invaluable. It’s something that I don’t take for granted. Choosing the Crown Family School and applying for the GSDP certificate are decisions that have paid off exponentially.

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Scholars Call for the Urgent Need for Ethics and Regulation at the Data-Society Interface

“Emerging Directions in the Data-Society Interface,” co-authored by Associate Professor Nicole P. Marwell, pulls together information from different scholarly fields to illuminate key issues posed by the use of data, and aims to spark a public dialogue around the use of data and its implications for privacy, analytic interpretability, and fair­ness.

Nicole P. Marwell

Our Academic Programs
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Master’s Program
Social Work, Social Policy, and Social Administration

The Social Work, Social Policy, and Social Administration program prepares students to become leaders in the fields of clinical social work and social administration practice.

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Master’s Program
Social Sector Leadership and Nonprofit Management

The SSL program examines the complexity of social problems while developing the capacity to more effectively address social change.

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Master's Program
Dual Social Work and Social Sector Leadership

The Dual Degree program combines an accredited social work degree and a degree in management that demonstrates leadership and experience.

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Doctoral Program
PhD and PhD/AM

The Doctoral program advances a uniquely interdisciplinary approach to social work and social welfare scholarship.