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We believe that only a truly interdisciplinary social work education—a combination of practice, policy, and research—produces individuals with the intellectual foundation and practical skills to be effective agents of change.
Why Attend Crown Family School?
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Crown Family School is both the history and the future of social work

The founders of our School were also founders of the discipline, and the professors you’ll learn from today continue to shape social work theory and practice through their interdisciplinary research.

Program Admissions

The comprehensive and interdisciplinary nature of our degrees give you greater flexibility and choice in your future career. Each of our programs provides rigorous social work education that integrates theory and practice led by faculty who believe in the transformative power of ideas.

What makes us different?
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Mission and Approach

The Crown Family School of Social Work, Policy, and Practice is dedicated to working toward a more just and humane society through research, teaching, and service to the community.

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Field Education Opportunities

Conduct fieldwork and attend classes at the same time, experiencing the constant interplay between theory and practice.

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Global Focus

The Crown Family School’s orientation to international social work is designed to provide students with the opportunity to think about social problems, social policy, and social work practice in a comparative cross-national perspective.

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Career Services & Resources

The Crown Family School Office of Career offers personalized and tailored student resources, training workshops and networking events.

Tuition & Fees

How much is the tuition for my program?

Financial Aid

Last year, more than 95 percent of master’s students received merit- and need-based financial aid, with 100 percent of doctoral program students receiving full funding.

Admissions Events
How to Apply
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We review applications holistically, meaning we consider all the pieces of your application as a collective representation of you academically and professionally.

The application for all programs opens on September 1.