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SSA Magazine cover. Headline: Counting of Homeless Youth

Volume 25 | Issue 1 | Spring 2018

Featured Stories:  Uncovering the Story of Youth HomelessnessRedefining How People Think about Asian ImmigrantsUnderstanding the Positive Impacts of African American Fathers



SSA magazine. Headline: Urban Insights: Innovative Research for Social Work

Volume 24 | Issue 3 | Fall 2017

Featured Stories: How Things Get Done in Cities and WhySocial Inequalities and Urban Family LifeUrban EducationHow Prevention Research Can Short-Circuit Urban ProblemsSupports for the City's Most Vulnerable ResidentsUrban (In)Justice: Transforming Criminal Justice in CitiesSSA's Global Urban Impact




SSA magazine. Headline: A New Look at Mental Health: Developing an approach that helps members of minority groups

Volume 24 | Issue 2 | Summer 2017

Featured Stories: Community Violence Produces Loud and Silent TraumaA Career Focused on Urban Education and Social JusticeLooking at the Cultural Aspects of Mental Health




SSA magazine. Headline: Looking at Mental Health in a Developing Country: How family counseling and financial assistance may reduce child maltreatment

Volume 24 | Issue 1 | Winter 2017

Featured Stories: Putting a Focus on the Needs of People Behind BarsExploring the Disconnect between Policy Makers and Service ProvidersStudying Mental Health in a Developing Country




SSA magazine. Headline: Where Research Meets Practice: Fellowship at child care agency gives scholar fresh perspective

Volume 23 | Issue 2 | Summer 2016

Featured Stories: Anna Pao Sohmen: Helping SSA Develop Social Work Education in ChinaCannon Family Ties Inspire Gift for SSA ScholarshipsLearning About a Social Service Agency from the Inside



SSA magazine. Headline: Creating a Community: New center provides space for HIV research and support on the South Side

Volume 23 | Issue 1 | Winter 2016

Featured Stories: Integrating the Inner CityThe Village, Alida Bouris, and her team help LGBTQ youthWhy Support Scholarships




SSA magazine. Headline: Raising Awareness about Persons with Disabilities: Making an impact through social media

Volume 22 | Issue 2 | Summer 2015

Featured Stories: Using Media to Impact PolicyFellowships Provide Career Advantages for SSA StudentsLooking Behind the Myths of Asian American Parenting




SSA magazine. Headline: A Bridge to China: Helping Mainland China build its rapidly growing social work infrastructure

Volume 22 | Issue 1 | Winter 2015

Featured Stories: A Bridge to ChinaExpanding the Borders





SSA magazine. Headline: A Nurturing, Caring Relationship: How home visits from a doula help young mothers and their children

Volume 21 | Issue 2 | Summer 2014

Featured Stories: A Nurturing, Caring RelationshipMastering ResearchThe Evolution of Health Care Reform




SSA magazine. Headline: When Poverty Moves In: The rise-and the consequence-of suburban poverty

Volume 21 | Issue 1 | Winter 2014

Featured Stories: Poor and SuburbanDeep ImpactA Motivational Mixture




SSA Magazine cover. Headline: What Comes Next?

Volume 20 | Issue 2 | Summer 2013

Featured Stories: Extending Foster CareGetting Their Minds ReadyPoverty Protection




SSA magazine. Headline: Called to Testify: Legislative hearings give researchers an opportunity to shape decision-making

Volume 20 | Issue 1 | Winter 2013

Featured Stories: Teacher's JourneyCalled to TestifySystem of Support




SSA magazine. Headline: Prison Brake: If we're at the end of mass incarceration, what works better?

Volume 19 | Issue 2 | Summer 2012

Featured Stories: An End to Mass IncarcerationImmigration and IdentitySocial Work | Social Justice




SSA magazine. Headline: Health Care Reform: Promoting Health While Reducing Costs

Volume 19 | Issue 1 | Winter 2012

Featured Stories: Many Disciplines, One GoalChronic and ComplicatedLearning a New Way




SSA magazine. Headline: Grand Vision: A comprehensive commitment to children in one Chicago neighborhood

Volume 18 | Issue 1 | Spring 2011

Featured Stories: The Science of Social WelfareA Grand Vision for Grand CrossingTraining Days