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Tuition, Fees & Financial Aid

The Crown Family School makes every effort to help students by offering exceptional scholarship assistance as well as facilitating other forms of financial assistance. Each year, the Crown Family School awards scholarships that range from full to partial tuition. Last year, 95 percent of master's students received merit- and need-based tuition scholarship/gift aid. The Schedule of Fees and Estimate of Expenses do not include scholarships or other forms of financial assistance, so the difference between the total amount listed and the amount a student might pay may be less. While we maintain and update yearly the information on this page, official tuition and fee amounts are posted on the Office of the Bursar website. 

Tuition 2023-24


Master of Arts Program in Social Work, Social Policy, and Social Administration

Program Tuition per quarter Tuition per year
Full-Time AM Program (3 courses per quarter for 3 quarters) $16,578 $49,734
Advanced Standing Program (3 courses per quarter for 4 quarters) $16,578 $66,312
Part-time Day and EEP Programs (2 courses per quarter for 3 quarters) $11,052 $33,156
1 AM Program course $5,526 $16,578
Non-Degree Visitor $1,456  


Master of Arts Program in Social Sector Leadership and Nonprofit Management

Program Tuition per year
Full-time (4 courses per quarter for 3 quarters) $45,000
Part-time (2 courses per quarter for 3 quarters) $22,500


Doctoral Program

Doctoral students receive significant funding to ensure that they are able to immerse themselves in the program. All students entering the Doctoral Program are offered a financial aid package that includes a stipend, full tuition, health insurance, and fees.

Program Tuition per quarter Tuition per year
PhD Scholastic Residence $16,578 $49,734


Estimate of Expenses

The following is an estimate of expenses that a domestic (U.S.) student in the Full-time Social Work, Social Policy, and Social Administration Master's program or doctoral student in scholastic residence will incur during the course of the 2023-24 school year (based on a nine-month budget with a modest standard of living). Official non-tuition living expenses and fees based on full-time and part-time enrollment are posted at

Expense Cost
Tuition $49,734
Graduate Students Services Fee** $1,398
One-time Lifetime Transcript Fee $75
University of Chicago Health Insurance (student only) $4,917
Room & Board $20,280*
Personal Expenses $3,150*
Books & Supplies $1,785*
Commuting to and from field placement (includes CTA U-Pass*** fee for three quarters) $2,655*

Total for a single student


*Estimated amount, subject to change. 
**The Graduate Students Services Fee covers many services dedicated to enhancing the quality of student life and campus activities, and is used to provide and promote educational, social, cultural, and recreational programs and services for all students throughout the year. 
***The U-Pass program allows cardholders to enjoy unlimited rides on Chicago Transit Authority (CTA) trains and buses during the academic year.

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Schedule of Fees

All payments of tuition and fees must be completed by the due date indicated on the bill from the Office of the Bursar. If a student has not paid any account in full that is due to the University by the end of the billing cycle, restriction of further privileges or services may follow.

  1. Application fee: $75
    (This fee must accompany the original online application for admission to the University. No part of this fee is either refunded or applied as an advance payment on other fees.)
  2. CTA (Chicago Public Transportation) U-Pass: $125 per quarter
  3. Advance reservation deposit: $250
    (Credited to Autumn quarter tuition, or Summer Quarter for Advanced Standing students) 
  4. University Student Health Insurance Plan (U-SHIP):
    1. Basic Plan (student only): $4,917/$1,639 each quarter Autumn, Winter, Spring; $986 Summer Quarter
    2. Dependent (assessed each quarter - a dependent spouse, domestic partner, or dependent child age 14 and older is insured through U-SHIP): $1,639 per quarter
  5. Graduate Students Services fee: $466 per quarter
  6. One-time Lifetime Transcript Fee: $75
  7. Late fees:
    1. Late payment of fees: $150
    2. Late registration: $100
    3. Late change in registration: up to $150
      (A fee is charged for each change in registration made by a student after the officially scheduled change period (fourth week of quarter) unless caused by the University.)

Students enrolled in a degree program may audit, without extra charge, Crown Family School classes in addition to those for which they are registered, subject to the approval of the instructor in each case. Under these conditions the students are not registered for the courses, and work is not made a part of their official records.

Students who are required to withdraw for disciplinary reasons shall not be entitled to any refund of tuition or fees.Other charges are subject to change from year to year prior to the beginning of each academic year.

Tuition, fees, and other charges are subject to change.

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Financial Aid

The Crown Family School makes every effort to help students by offering exceptional scholarship assistance as well as facilitating other forms of financial assistance.

  • Last year, more than 95 percent of master's students received merit- and need-based tuition scholarship/gift aid. Each year, the Crown Family School awards full and partial tuition scholarships.

  • Scholarship/gift aid is awarded for one year, 99 percent of scholarships/gifts were renewed for second-year students last year.

  • Financial aid to Crown Family School students is comprised of donor-sponsored scholarships totaling nearly $1 million annually, coupled with support from the School’s general operating fund, the annual alumni fund drive, and various student loans funds.  Aid to students from all of these sources totaled more than $4 million last year.

  • All students admitted into the Crown Family School's doctoral program receive full funding, which covers up to five years of tuition and fees. In addition to institutional support, Crown Family School doctoral students have been very successful in obtaining competitive fellowships, such as the CSWE Fellowships for Minority Students and NIH Dissertation awards. Through resources such as the Bernece Kern Simon Teaching Fellowship, the Crown Family School offers students training and teaching opportunities.

  • Students supplement Crown Family School scholarship awards with federal and University loans and work study.

  • Applicants who want to be considered for federal financial aid should complete and submit the FAFSA as soon as possible either before or when submitting their application for admission. The school code is 001774. This year, the 2024 FAFSA is expected to be available starting December 31. Those submitting their application for admission to Crown prior to December 31 should submit their FAFSA once it becomes available.