Faculty Books

Grow and Hide: The History  of America's Health Care State
Colleen M. Grogan
Oxford University Press; 2023

Working the Difference Science, Spirit,  And the Spread of Motivational Interviewing
E. Summerson Carr
University of Chicago Press; 2023

Halfway Home: Race, Punishment, and the Afterlife of Mass Incarceration
Reuben Jonathan Miller
Little, Brown and Company; 2021

Sun Ra's Chicago: Afrofuturism and the City
William Sites
University of Chicago Press; 2020

Neuroscience, Psychotherapy and Clinical Pragmatism
William Borden
Routledge; 2020

Social Exclusion in Cross-National Perspective: Actors, Actions, and Impacts from Above and Below
Edited by Robert J. Chaskin, Bong Joo Lee, PhD ’92, and Surinder Jaswal
Oxford; 2019

Legal Passing: Navigating Undocumented Life and Local Immigration Law
Angela S. García
University of California Press; 2019

Human Service Organizations and the Question of Impact
Editors: Jennifer E. Mosley and Steven Rathgeb Smith
Routledge; 2019

Multiracial Cultural Attunement
Kelly Faye Jackson and Gina Miranda Samuels
NASW Press 2019

Neuroscience, Psychotherapy, and Clinical Pragmatism
William Borden
Routledge; 2018

Asian American Parenting: Family Process and Intervention
Editors: Yoonsun Choi and H.C. Hahm
Springer, 2017

Smart Decarceration: Achieving Criminal Justice Transformation in the 21st Century
Editors: Matthew Epperson and Carrie Pettus-Davis
Oxford University Press; 2017

Scale: Discourse and Dimensions of Social Life
Editor: E. Summerson Carr and Michael Lempert
University of California Press; 2016

The Index Card: Why Personal Finance Doesn't Have to be Complicated
Helaine Olen and Harold A. Pollack
Penguin Random House; 2016

Integrating the Inner City: The Promise and Perils of Mixed-Income Public Housing Transformation 
Robert J. Chaskin and Mark L. Joseph
The University of Chicago Press; 2015

Work and the Welfare State: Street-Level Organizations and Welfare Politics
Editors: Evelyn Z. Brodkin and Gregory Marston
Georgetown University Press; 2013

From Task-Centered Social Work to Evidence-based and Integrative Practice: Reflections on History and Implementation
Editors: Tina L. Rzepnicki, Stanley G. McCracken, and Harold E. Briggs
Lyceum Books; 2012

Scripting Addiction: The Politics of Therapeutic Talk and Ameri­can Sobriety
E. Summerson Carr
Princeton University Press; 2010.

Youth Gangs and Community Intervention: Research, Practice, and Evidence
Editor: Robert J. Chaskin
Columbia University Press; 2010

Social Work with African American Males: Health, Mental Health, and Policy
Editor: Waldo E. Johnson, Jr.
Oxford University Press; 2010

Contemporary Psychodynamic Theory and Practice
by William Borden
Lyceum Books; 2009

Reshaping Theory in Contemporary Social Work: Toward a Critical Pluralism in Clinical Practice
by William Borden
Columbia University Press; 2009

Research for Action: Cross-National Perspectives on Connecting Knowledge, Policy, and Practice for Children
by Robert J Chaskin and Jona M. Rosenfeld
Oxford University Press; 2008

So Much Reform, So Little Change
by Charles M. Payne
Harvard Education Press: 2008

Teach Freedom: Education for Liberation in the African American Tradition
by Charles M. Payne
Teachers College Press: 2008

Healthy Voices, Unhealthy Silence: Advocacy and Health Policy for the Poor
by Colleen M. Grogan and Michael K. Gusmano
Georgetown University Press; 2007

Reducing Youth Gang Violence: The Little Village Gang Project in Chicago
by Irving A. Spergel
AltaMira Press; 2007

Strengthing Family Resilience, 2nd Edition
by Froma Walsh
The Guilford Press; 2006

Work and Life Integration: Organizational, Cultural and Individual Perspectives
Editors: Ellen Ernst Kossek and Susan J. Lambert
Lawrence Erlbaum Associates; 2004

Using Evidence in Social Work Practice: Behavioral Perspectives
Editors: Harold E. Briggs and Tina L. Rzepnicki
Lyceum Books; 2004

Remaking New York: Primitive Globalization and the Politics of Urban Community
by William Sites
University of Minnesota Press; 2003

Normal Family Processes, Third Edition: Growing Diversity and Complexity
Editor: Froma Walsh
Guilford Press; 2003

A Century of Juvenile Justice
Edited by Margaret K. Rosenheim, Franklin E. Zimring, David S. Tanenhaus, Bernardine Dohrn
University of Chicago Press; 2002

Clinical Social Work Practice: A Cognitive Integrative Perspective
by Sharon Berlin
Oxford University Press; 2002

Building Community Capacity
by Robert J. Chaskin, Prudence Brown, Sudhir Venkatesh, Avis Vidal
NY: Aldine de Gruyter; 2001

Improving Goverance: A New Logic for Empirical Research
by Laurence E. Lynn, Carolyn J. Heinrich, Carolyn J. Hill
Georgetown University Press; 2001

Governance and Performance: New Perspectives
by Laurence E. Lynn, Carolyn J. Heinrich
Georgetown University Press; 2000

Hispanics in the United States: An Agenda For the Twenty-First Century
Editors: Pastora San Juan Cafferty, David Wells Engstrom
Transaction Publishers; 2000

Comparative Approaches in Brief Dynamic Psychotherapy
by William Borden
Haworth Press; 1999

Spiritual Resources in Family Therapy
Editor: Froma Walsh
Guilford Press; 1999

Teaching and Learning with Cases: A Guidebook
by Laurence E. Lynn
Chatham House Publishers, New York; 1998

Strengthening Family Resilience
by Froma Walsh
Guilford Press; 1998

Interactive Staff Training: Rehabilitation Teams that Work
by P.W. Corrigan and Stanley G. McCracken
Plenum; 1997

Public Management As Art, Science and Profession
by Laurence E. Lynn
Chatham House Publishers; 1996

Practice Guildines for Extended Psychiatric Care: From Chaos to Collaboration
by P.W. Corrigan, Stanley G. McCracken, J. Mehr, and the Extended Residential Care Task Force
Charles C. Thomas; 1995

Living Beyond Loss: Death in the Family
Editors: Froma Walsh, & Monica McGoldrick
New York: W.W. Norton; 1991-1995

Women in Families: A Framework for Family Therapy
Editors: Monica McGoldrick, Carol Anderson, Froma Walsh
New York: W.W. Norton; 1989-1991

Chronic Disorders and the Family
Editors: Froma Walsh, Carol Anderson
New York: Haworth; 1988

President As Policymaker : Jimmy Carter and Welfare Reform
by Laurence E. Lynn, David Whitman; 1981
Temple University Press.

* Bold type denotes Crown Family School faculty