Welcome from the Dean

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Welcome to the Crown Family School!                                                                   

At the Crown Family School, we believe in the power of interdisciplinary collaboration, rigorous scholarship, and evidence-based practice. With a legacy dating back over a century, we have consistently pushed the boundaries of knowledge and service, addressing the most pressing challenges of our time.   

Here, you will find a determined community committed to social change. Our faculty members, recognized experts in their fields, lead groundbreaking research. Our students, the heart of our community, have diverse backgrounds and unique perspectives that energize our academic discourse, inspire innovative thinking, and enliven the learning experience. 

Graduates of our master’s program in social work, social policy, and social service administration pursue careers and assume leadership roles in diverse areas across various social sectors. Your training can take you to positions in the US and globally, working in direct practice, managing programs or organizations, or developing and implementing social policies. Crown Family School graduates can be found in a range of fields, including child and family welfare, mental health, housing, violence prevention, criminal justice, global health, community development, and immigration rights, among others.

Our nonprofit management and social sector leadership program, led by researchers and professionals, is especially suited to students wanting to lead organizations focused on social change and equity. Students interested in research and an academic career will find a rigorous doctoral program designed to train the next generation of social work and social welfare scholars.

I would like to invite you to learn more about the Crown Family School's distinctive opportunities. Your training will help change lives, and your life also will be changed by friendships and professional connections with fellow students, faculty, staff, and advisors. Join our community to make a direct and enduring social impact.



Deborah Gorman-Smith
Dean and Emily Klein Gidwitz, Professor