International Applicants

International applicants, whether attending an undergraduate institution in the United States or a college or university in their own country, follow the application procedures outlined in the Master's application procedures or the Doctoral application procedures, and the following:

Once an international applicant has been granted admission, the applicant must submit a financial statement, itemizing sources of funds for maintenance and transportation, and must provide documented proof (certification by a bank or subsidizing agency or agent) of resources sufficient for their support during the two years. It is estimated that educational and living expenses, exclusive of travel to and from the student's home country, will be approximately $88,000 for one year of study for a master's student. 

Applicants who need financial assistance are advised to explore possibilities in their home country and from United States government sources. Information about the latter may often be obtained from a United States consulate or information service office. The Institute of International Education, One East 67th Street, New York, NY 10021, also provides information about scholarship opportunities. The University of Chicago provides information on non-Federal alternative loan funds for international students who meet the relevant requirements and have an eligible co-signer. Information can be found on the Graduate Financial Aid website.