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Financial Aid & Scholarships

The Crown Family School awards tuition scholarships based on merit and financial need to 95% of our master’s students. A limited number of additional merit scholarships also are available to students who have previously served in the Peace Corps, Teach for America, and AmeriCorps (Vista). 

The School awards scholarships funded through a variety of sources (including unrestricted gifts to the Crown Family School, endowed and restricted student aid funds). Entering students who wish to apply for scholarships administered by the School must answer all financial information questions included in the online application for admission. Your application for admission is used to determine scholarship eligibility; you do not need to submit any other materials.

Scholarships are awarded on a one-year basis. 99% of Crown Family School scholarships typically are renewed for second-year students. Select second-year students may be eligible to receive awards through prestigious, endowed scholarships representing millions of dollars of financial aid.

Crown Family School Scholarship Awards Application Procedures

Your application to the Crown Family School and the responses to the questions in the Financial Data section are used to determine scholarship eligibility. Note that some questions are designed to obtain specific information for scholarship funds that have special eligibility requirements. In addition, based on your responses, the School may be able to suggest other sources for financial support. 

Every effort is made to inform applicants of their scholarship award at the same time as the admissions decision. Scholarship awards from the Crown Family School are a gift from the School. Federal financial aid are loans from the government. Students who may require additional financial aid beyond their Crown Family School scholarship may apply for federal loans.

Additional Financial Resources

Students may also supplement their Crown Family School scholarship awards with private loans, grants and scholarships through state and private agencies, and part-time employment on or off campus. 

Segal Award

The University of Chicago Crown Family School of Social Work, Policy, and Practice values national service and commitment to the social sector. AmeriCorps and Teach For America applicants will receive a waived application fee and those admitted to any master’s program will receive a Segal AmeriCorps Education Award match up to $5,000 for award funds being applied towards Crown School tuition. Award matching is offered at the point of admission and applicants should identify their award amount in the given field on the application. Requests for matching the award post-enrollment will be considered if funds remain available. In addition to matching the Segal Education Award, AmeriCorps and Teach for America alumni will be considered for additional merit awards.

State and Private Agency Stipends

It is not possible to give complete information about all grants available, because they vary considerably from year to year. Some states offer stipends to prepare workers for their child welfare programs, and a few offer grants in their public assistance and health programs. A state stipend carries a commitment to work for the agency. Inquiries should be addressed to the department of public welfare, public health, or mental health of the state in which the candidate wishes to work following graduation.

A few private agencies offer stipends, usually with the understanding that the individual will work for the agency after receiving the master’s degree. In most instances, admission must be approved by the School before an agency will offer educational stipends. Students interested in agency scholarships should make inquiries with private agencies in their localities and may also wish to contact various professional social work organizations.

Maroon Financial Credit Union private student loans

Maroon Financial Credit Union offers private student loans to members of Maroon Financial Credit Union and to their immediate families. Crown Family School students may join. For more information and to join, please visit their website.

Some Web-Based Resources for Financial Aid Information