Doctoral Workshop on Theory in Social Work Research

Course Number: 56801

Course Description

This workshop will provide SSA doctoral students with the opportunity to examine the diverse social science theories that undergird social work and social welfare— as defined by contemporary scholarship in the field. The workshop is organized to support this process by offering bimonthly presentations loosely determined by a set of questions basic to the development of any field of inquiry: What fundamental epistemological paradigms are represented? What theoretical and conceptual frameworks undergird scholarship in social work and social welfare? How do scholars in the field ask questions and find answers? How do they make claims and support them? What specific research methods are used? The workshop is designed to introduce beginning students to ongoing research and scholarship in the School and to provide advanced students and faculty with a regular forum for presentation and discussion of their work.
Participation in this seminar is required for first-year students; advanced doctoral students and faculty are encouraged to attend on a regular basis. One faculty member or advanced doctoral student will present research during each session and readings may be assigned in advance.

Professors and Lecturers Who Teach This Course

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