Rebecca Eavou

Rebecca Eavou









Post-master's Job Experience

  • I am currently the Director of Prevention Services at the Chicago Center for HIV Elimination at the University of Chicago Medicine. In my time since graduation I have primarily worked in health care settings and largely focused on program development, implementation  and management.

Fields of Special Interest 

  • HIV care and prevention
  • LGBTQ+ health
  • Implementation science
  • Health disparities

Publications or Presentations: (last 3 years)

  • Bouris,A., Jaffe, K., Eavou, R., Liao, C., Kuhns, L., Voisin.D., and Schneider, J. (2017). Project nGage: Results of a randomized controlled trial of a dyadic network support intervention to retain young black men who have sex with men in HIV care.  AIDS and Behavior.
  •  Almirol, E., Schmitt, J., Wesley-Madgett, L., Eavou, R., Pitrak, D. & Ridgway, J (2017). Hospitalization and Emergency Room visits: The opportunity for re-engagement for people living with HIV/AIDS (PLWHA). Open Forum Infectious Diseases.
  •  Lancki, N., Holman, D., Eavou, R., Schneider, J., Pitrak, D., & Ridgway, J. Use of an EMR-based algorithm to identify patients for prevention follow-up among patients tested for HIV in the Emergency Department. [Abstract]. Infectious Disease Society of America; 2016
  •  Baghikar, S., Eavou, R., Tobin, A., & Mauntel-Medici, C.  Falling through the Cracks: Challenges and Opportunities of Acute HIV Infection. 25th [Seminar] Annual HIV/STD Conference (IDPH sponsored). 2016 October 26-27.
  •  Bares, S., Eavou, R., Bertozzi-Villa, C., Taylor, M., Hyland, H., McFadden, R., Shah, S., Pho, M., Walter, J., Badlani, S., Schneider, J., Prachand, N., Benbow, N. (2016). Expanded HIV testing and linkage to care on the South Side of Chicago: Use of conventional testing instead of point-of-care testing and assignment of patient notification and linkage to care to the adult HIV care program. Public Health Reports.
  •  Glover-Rucker, M., Eavou, R., Allgood, K., Sinclair, D., Tobin, A., Pitrak, D., & Glick, N. (2016). Implementing routine HIV screening in three Chicago hospitals: Lessons learned. Public Health Reports.
  •  Quinn, K., Voisin, D., Bouris, A., Jaffe, K., Kuhns, L., Eavou, R., & Schneider, J. (2016). Multiple dimensions of stigma and health related factors among young black men who have sex with men. AIDS and Behavior.
  •  Berringer, K. and Eavou, R. Leveraging Social Networks to Support HIV Prevention & Care [Presentation]. 23rd Annual HIV/STD Conference (IDPH sponsored). 2015 October 28-29.
  •  Eavou, R., Estes, R., Chen, W. & Pitrak, D. Integration of HCV Screening Into An Existing Program for Expanded HIV Testing and Linkage to Care [Abstract]. Infectious Disease Society of America; 2015
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