Jason Best



  • 69100 Working with Alternative Sexual Interests and Relationship Structures

Job Experience

  • Senior Therapist at the Alexian Brothers Behavioral Health Hospital

  • Private Practice, currently as Best Therapies, INC

  • Board Member, Upswing Advocates

Fields of Special Interest

  • Direct Practice
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
  • Couples Counseling
  • Sexuality
  • Gender Issues
  • Diverse Sexuality and Relationship Structures
  • Group Therapy
  • LGBT+

Publications or Presentations

  • Best, J. T., & Jameson, C. (2016, January 22). BDSM/Kink Competency Training. Lecture presented at AASECT and Chicago Sex Therapists Meeting, Chicago.

  •  Best, J. T., & Jameson, C. (2017, October 17). Kink and Consensual Non-Monogamy Competency Training. Lecture presented at Modern Sex Therapy Institute, Chicago.

  •  Best, J. T., & Jameson, C. (2017, May 17). Personal Growth Through Kink. Lecture presented at CARAS Conference, Chicago.

  •  Best, J. T. (2018, March 15). A very fast super brief consensual non-monogamy competency training. Lecture presented in Adler School, Chicago.

  •  Best, J. T., & Jameson, C. (2019, May 24). I only have two spoons but I want you to beat me with one of them: Integrating kink, chronic illness, and disability.Lecture presented at Multipicities of the Erotic Conference, Chicago.

  •  Best, J. T. (2019, May 17). Setting Boundaries Without Being an Asshole. Lecture presented at Chicago Non-Monogamy Conference, Chicago.