Academic Calendar

Crown Family School Summer Quarter 2021

June 16-17Advanced Standing SW Orientation
June 21Classes Begin
June 21U-Pass Start Date
June 25Add/Drop Deadline
July 5University Holiday - No Classes
July 22Group Advising—Advanced Standing
August 13
Pass/D/Fail Petitions Due
August 20Grade Submission Deadlines for Graduating Students
August 23-27Group Advising Sessions
August 27Quarter Ends/Summer Quarter Degree Conferral/U-Pass End Date
August 30-Sept 3Autumn Quarter Administrative Registration
September 1Grade Submission Deadlines for Continuing Students
September 8-10Autumn Quarter Pre-Registration
September 13-14International Student Orientation
September 18Part-Time & EEP Orientation
September 20-22Full-Time AM & PhD Orientation
September 21 Autumn Quarter Registration

International AM Student Orientation: September 13-14
Social Sector Leadership and Nonprofit Management (SSL), Part-TIme (SW), & EEP (SW) Orientation: September 18
Social Work, Social Policy, and Social Administration (SW) Full-Time AM & PhD Orientation: September 20-22

Crown Family School Autumn Quarter 2021

September 20U-Pass Start Date
September 27Classes Begin
October 1Add/Drop Deadline
October 4Field Work Begins (Second Year SW Students)
October 5Field Work Begins (First Year SW Students)
October 21Field Work Learning Agreements Due to Field Consultant (Full-time SW Program)
October 22Pass/D/Fail Petitions Due (Tentative)
October 18-23Group Advising Sessions
October 25-29Winter Quarter Administrative Registration
November 3-5Winter Quarter Pre-Registration
November 11Field Work Learning Agreements Due to Field Consultant (EEP SW Students)
November 22 - 26Fall Break - No Classes
December 2Field Work Evaluations Due to Field Consultant (Full-time SW Program)
December 3Grade Submission Deadlines for Graduating Students (Tentative)
December 11Field Work Ends for SW Students
December 11Autumn Quarter Degree Conferral
December 11Quarter Ends/U-Pass End Date
Dec. 12 - Jan. 2Winter Break - No Classes
December 17Grade Submission Deadlines for Continuing Students 

Crown Family School Winter Quarter 2022

January 3Classes and Field Work Begin for SW Students
January 3U-Pass Start Date
January 7Add/Drop Deadline
January 17Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Birthday Observance
January 24-29Group Advising Sessions
January 27Field Work Evaluations Due to Field Consultant (All EEP SW Students)
January 31-Feb. 4Spring Quarter Administrative Registration
February 5Pass/D/Fail Petitions Due
February 9-11Spring Quarter Registration
March 1Grade Submission Deadlines for Graduating Students 
March 9Fieldwork Evaluations Due to Field Consultant (Full-time SW Program)
March 12Quarter Ends (U-Pass will not end this quarter)
March 13 - 20Spring Break - No Classes
March 19Winter Quarter Degree Conferral
March 20Field Work Ends for SW Students
March 23Grade Submission Deadlines for Continuing Students

Crown Family School Spring Quarter 2022

March 21Classes and Field Work Begins for SW Students
April 2Add/Drop Deadline
April 2Graduation Applications Due
April 11-16Group Advising Sessions
April 18-22Summer Quarter Administrative Registration
April 24Pass/D/Fail Petitions Due
May 9-13Summer Quarter Registration
May 20Field Work Evaluations Due to Field Consultant (All EEP SW Students and Full-time SW Second Year Students)
May 30Memorial Day Holiday
June 3Field Work Evaluations Due (Full-time First Year SW Students)
June 4Field Work Ends (Second Year Full-time and Graduating EEP SW Students)
June 3Crown Family School Hooding Ceremony (Tentative)
June 5Grade Submission Deadlines for Graduating Students
June 11Field Work Ends (First Year Full-time SW Students)
June 4Spring Quarter Degree Conferral and University Convocation/U-Pass End Date
June 15Grade Submission Deadlines for Continuing Students

* Calendar is subject to change. 

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