Academic Calendar

Crown Family School Summer Quarter 2021

June 16-17Advanced Standing SW Orientation
June 21Classes Begin
June 21U-Pass Start Date
June 25Add/Drop Deadline
July 5University Holiday - No Classes
July 22Group Advising—Advanced Standing
August 13
Pass/D/Fail Petitions Due
August 20Grade Submission Deadlines for Graduating Students
August 23-27Group Advising Sessions
August 27Quarter Ends/Summer Quarter Degree Conferral/U-Pass End Date
August 30-Sept 3Autumn Quarter Administrative Registration
September 1Grade Submission Deadlines for Continuing Students
September 8-10Autumn Quarter Pre-Registration
September 13-14International Student Orientation
September 18Part-Time & EEP Orientation
September 20-22Full-Time AM & PhD Orientation
September 21 Autumn Quarter Registration

International AM Student Orientation: September 13-14
Social Sector Leadership and Nonprofit Management (SSL), Part-TIme (SW), & EEP (SW) Orientation: September 18
Social Work, Social Policy, and Social Administration (SW) Full-Time AM & PhD Orientation: September 20-22

Crown Family School Autumn Quarter 2021

September 20U-Pass Start Date
September 27Classes Begin
October 1Add/Drop Deadline
October 4Field Work Begins (Second Year SW Students)
October 5Field Work Begins (First Year SW Students)
October 21Field Work Learning Agreements Due to Field Consultant (Full-time SW Program)
October 22Pass/D/Fail Petitions Due (Tentative)
October 18-23Group Advising Sessions
October 25-29Winter Quarter Administrative Registration
November 3-5Winter Quarter Pre-Registration
November 11Field Work Learning Agreements Due to Field Consultant (EEP SW Students)
November 22 - 26Fall Break - No Classes
December 2Field Work Evaluations Due to Field Consultant (Full-time SW Program)
December 3Grade Submission Deadlines for Graduating Students (Tentative)
December 11Field Work Ends for SW Students
December 11Autumn Quarter Degree Conferral
December 11Quarter Ends/U-Pass End Date
Dec. 12 - Jan. 2Winter Break - No Classes
December 17Grade Submission Deadlines for Continuing Students 

Crown Family School Winter Quarter 2022

January 3U-Pass Start Date
January 10Classes Begin
January 14Add/Drop Deadline
January 17Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Birthday Observance
January 27Field Work Evaluations Due to Field Consultant (All EEP SW Students)
January 24-29Group Advising Sessions
February 4Pass/D/Fail Petitions Due
February 7-11Spring Quarter Administrative Registration
February 16-18Spring Quarter Pre-Registration
February 28Spring Quarter Open Registration
March 9Fieldwork Evaluations Due to Field Consultant (Full-time Program)
March 12Grade Submission Deadlines for Graduating Students
March 19Winter Quarter Degree Conferral
March 19Quarter Ends (U-Pass will not end this Quarter)
March 20Field Work Ends
March 19-27Spring Break - No Classes
March 22Grade Submission Deadlines for Continuing Students

Crown Family School Spring Quarter 2022

March 28Classes and Field Work Begin
April 2Add/Drop Deadline
April 2Graduation Applications Due
April 11-16Group Advising Sessions
April 18-22Summer Quarter Administrative Registration (Subject to change)
April 22Pass/D/Fail Petitions Due
May 9-13Summer Quarter Registration (Subject to change)
May 20Field Work Evaluations Due to Field Consultant (EEP Students and Full-time Second Year Students)
May 28Grade Submission Deadlines for Graduating Students
May 30Memorial Day Holiday
June 3Field Work Evaluations Due (Full-time First Year Students)
June 3Spring Quarter Ends
June 3Crown Family School Hooding Ceremony (Tentative)
June 4Field Work Ends (Second Year Full-time and Graduating EEP Students)
June 4Spring Quarter Degree Conferral and University Convocation/U-Pass End Date
June 7Grade Submission Deadlines for Continuing Students
June 11Field Work Ends (First Year Full-time Students)

* Calendar is subject to change. 

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