Child and Adolescent Trauma

Course Number: 60800

Course Description

This seminar will offer students an opportunity to learn how to heal traumatized children and adolescents. All types of traumatic experiences will be addressed, such as traumatic loss, violence, abuse, natural disasters, traumatic injuries or accidents. The neurology of trauma with children, current research on how trauma affects children, and a variety of treatment techniques and modalities will be presented. Knowledge will be enriched by a significant emphasis on developing clinical skills. Essential elements of the processes of evaluating and treating traumatized children and adolescents will be taught. The class format involves group discussions, readings, videotapes, and creative application of the course concepts through student role plays.

Requirements Filled

Advanced Human Behavior in the Social Environment Courses

Clinical Concentration: All Clinical Classes

Trauma-related Courses

Professors and Lecturers Who Teach This Course

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