Applied Qualitative Research Seminar

Course Number: 56300

Course Description

This qualitative research seminar is designed to support the productivity and promote the development of advanced doctoral students who have chosen a qualitative research design as part of the dissertation. This applied seminar creates a structured and rigorous context for students to learn with instructor guidance and experience all stages of the interpretive research process through designing, executing, evaluating, and presenting their own interpretive research. It is an expectation of this seminar that all students make substantial and ongoing contributions to the group learning process through providing peer feedback, group coding, group analysis, constructing/critiquing conceptual models and theoretical frameworks, and learning how to critically evaluate and enhance the methodological rigor in the projects of those involved in the seminar. It is designed to be a dynamic environment for moving forward with one's work at all stages of the dissertation process; group needs and the instructor's assessment of student's individual progress will drive the content of each meeting. Prerequisites: A qualitative research course through SSA or approved equivalent.

Students must have passed their qualifying examinations, selected a research topic, and be actively constructing their dissertation proposals. Permission of the instructor is required and enrollment is limited to maximize student learning in the structure of a seminar.

Professors and Lecturers Who Teach This Course

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