Cognitive and Behavioral Approaches: Children and Families

Course Number: 40404

Course Description

Behavioral and cognitive theories form the bases for many of today's evidence-supported clinical interventions for children and families. This course helps students understand these theoretical bases and how they are applied in (a) parent-management training programs for children with behavioral problems, (b) interventions for children and youth who have experienced trauma, and (c) clinical approaches for youth with severe emotional dysregulation. The course prods students to think about what children and youth need from their environments in order to develop healthy thinking and behavior. The course also emphasizes the purposeful and necessary use of relationship in cognitive and behavioral practices in ways that demonstrate respect, challenge children and youths' cognitions about themselves, and help children and youth approach new relationships in healthier ways. Within these larger intellectual contexts, the course explores the substantial cultural challenges of these approaches.

Requirements Filled

Clinical Concentration: All Clinical Classes

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