Current Projects

The following is a list of Crown Family School faculty research projects and their grantors.

Alida Bouris, Associate Professor

  • "Harnessing Social Network Support to Improve Retention in Care and Viral Suppression among Young Black Men in Chicago and Alabama: A Hybrid Type I Effectiveness-Implementation Trial of Project nGage," NIH.
  • "A Multilevel Physical Activity Intervention for South Asian Women and Girls," National Institutes of Health (NIH)/Northwestern University.
  • "A Stepped Wedge Hybrid Type II Trial of an Online Positive Affect Intervention: Blending Implementation and Effectiveness to Improve HIV Continuum Outcomes in Ryan White Clinics in Chicago," NIH/Northwestern University.

Evelyn Brodkin, Associate Professor Emerita

  • "Life in a Suspended State," Independent Research Fund Denmark/Aalborg University

E. Summerson Carr, Associate Professor

  • "Dogs in Human Services: The Impact of Animal-Assisted Therapy on Health Organizations," CHAS Seed Grant.
  • "Dogs in Human Services: An Ethnographic Study," FY21 Crown Family Faculty Research Grant.

Robert ChaskinMcCormick Foundation Professor

  • "Slum Clearance, Urban Restructuring, and (Re)Emergent Communities in Mumbai," UChicago Center in Delhi, India

Yoonsun Choi, Professor

  • "COVID-19, Racial Discrimination and Civic Engagement among Asian American Young Adults," Russell Sage Foundation/FY21 Crown Family Faculty Research Grant.

Mark Courtney, Samuel Deutsch Professor

  • "California Youth Transitions to Adulthood Study (CalYOUTH)," Walter S. Johnson Foundation/ Tipping Point Foundation.  

Matthew Epperson, Associate Professor

  • "System-wide Adaptive Mental Health Measurement and Risk Reduction for Probationers in Cook County, Illinois," The Laura and John Arnold Foundation.
  • "Center for Transforming Justice," McCormick.
  • “Examining Prosecutor-led Diversion Programs’ Capacity to Achieve Justice and Equity,” Joyce Foundation.
  • "Gun Diversion Programs: Formative Research on a Prosecutor-Led Innovation," Joyce Foundation.

Eve L. Ewing, Assistant Professor

  • "Using Counter-Storytelling to Understand and Reframe Native Students' Narratives of School Exclusion," FY21 Crown Family Faculty Research Grant.
  • Public Schools, Public Knowledge (Institute for the Formation of Knowledge grant)
  • Reimagining Public Safety (Center for the Study of Race, Politics, and Culture/Mellon Foundation)

Gina Fedock, Assistant Professor

  • "Urban Surveillance: Exploring the Relationship of Place to Maternal Incarceration and Child Welfare System Involvement," CHAS Seed Grant.
  • "Enduring Immigrant “Illegality”: Time and the State of Cross-Border Waiting," FY21 Crown Family Faculty Research Grant/UC Center for International Social Science Research.

Angela Garcia, Assistant Professor

  • "Hidden Inequalities: COVID-19 and the Well-Being of Poor and Racialized Chicagoans," UC-UIUC Research Collaborative.
  • "Baby Talk in Prison: Examining Outcomes of a Home Visiting Program for Incarcerated Mother," CHAS Seed Grant.

Deborah Gorman-Smith, Emily Klein Gidwitz Professor

  • "Chicago Center for Youth Violence Prevention," Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Colleen GroganProfessor

  • "JCOIN Coordination and Translation Center - Community Stakeholder," National Institutes of Health/George Mason University.
  • "Quality of Medication Treatment for Opioid Use Disorder," National Institutes of Health/RAND.
  • "Medicaid Managed Care Coverage and Utilization Management of Opioid Use Disorder Treatment," National Institutes of Health/University of South Carolina, South Carolina.
  • "Treatment for Alcohol Use Disorder in Medicaid Managed Care," National Institutes of Health/University of South Carolina, South Carolina.

Aimee Hilado, Assistant Professor

  • "Examining service delivery models and clinical approaches for promoting infant early childhood mental health and adult mental health among forcibly displaced refugee and immigrant populations," FY22 Crown Family Faculty Research Grant. 
  • "Impact of changing U.S. immigration policies, regional conflicts, and social justice movements on mental health presentations among refugee populations," FY22 Crown Family Faculty Research Grant.

Julia Henly, Professor

  • "Policy Reform to Advance Equity in Illinois' Child Care Subsidy Program," The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.
  • "Building Equity in Home-Based Child Care withthe Child and Adult Care Food Program (CACFP)," The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.
  • “Is COVID-19 Exacerbating Inequities in Subsidized Child Care?: Policy Lessons to Strengthen the Home-Based Sector,” Washington Center for Equitable Growth.
  • "Improving Child Care Access through Payment Innovation in Illinois: A CCDF State-Research Partnership Phase 1 Evaluation Plan," Administration for Children and Families.

Leyla Ismayilova, Associate Professor

  • "Optimizing prevention approaches for children reintegrating from orphanages in Azerbaijan," National Institutes of Health.

Waldo E. Johnson, Jr., Associate Professor

  • "Black Fathers' Food Insecurity Study," UC-UIUC Research Collaborative.
  • "African-American Social Support Effectiveness Treatment Partners Alleviating Perinatal Depression (ASSET-PPD)," National Institutes of Health/Northwestern University.

Susan Lambert, Professor

  • "The Ramifications of Fair Workweek Ordinances in the Context of COVID-19:  Adding Employee Voice" with Julia Henly, FY21 Crown Family Faculty Research Grant. 
  • "Inclusion in Employment Processes as Barriers to Employment in the Lower-Wage Labor Market ," Administration for Children and Families/Abt Associates.
  • "Secure Scheduling Evaluation," City of Seattle. 
  • "The Implementation of Scheduling Legislation by Frontline Business Managers: Regulatory, Firm, and Manager Influences," The Russell Sage Foundation.
  • "Baseline Research to Assess the Impact of a New Citywide Fair Workweek Policy in Chicago," Ford Foundation.
  • "Implementing Fair Workweek Legislation in the Context and Aftermath of COVID-19," Washington Center for Equitable Growth.

Zhiying Ma, Assistant Professor

  • "Development and Preliminary Evaluation of a Program of Peer Supporters for Guangzhou, China," UChicago Global/Yuen Research Fund.
  • "Needs Analysis of Children with Disabilities in Rural China: An Exploratory Study," CHAS Seed Grant.
  • "The Impact of Pandemic Responses on Persons with Disabilities and Chronic Illnesses in China," UC Center for Global Health.

Jeanne Marsh, George Herbert Jones Distinguished Service Professor

  • "Gender Disparities in Access and Engagement in Medication-Assisted Treatment for Opioid Use Disorder," NIH, NIDA.
  • "Needs Analysis of Children with Disabilities in Rural China: An Exploratory Study," CHAS Seed Grant.

Nicole Marwell, Associate Professor

  • Internet Access and Equity Initiative, UChicago Data Science Institute
  • Impact Isn’t Everything: Randomized Controlled Trials and the Transformation of the Nonprofit Sector, Stanford University Press
  • "The Negotiation and Operationalization of Evidence in the Implementation of Child Welfare Policy," The William T. Grant Foundation.

Jennifer Mosley, Associate Professor

  • "Pursuing Equity? Knowledge Legitimacy and Integration in the Implementation of Evidence-Based Practice in Child Welfare," FY21 Crown Family Faculty Research Grant.
  • "The Negotiation and Operationalization of Evidence in the Implementation of Child Welfare Policy," The William T. Grant Foundation.

Harold Pollack, Helen Ross Professor

  • "Methodology and Advanced Analytics Resource Center," National Institutes of Health.
  • "Reducing Opioid Mortality in Illinois (ROMI)," National Institutes of Health.
  • "Predictive Analytics," National Institutes of Health.
  • "Great Lakes Node of the Drug Abuse Clinical Trials Network," National Institutes of Health/Rush University.
  • "Chicago Southside Early Diversion Program," SAMSHA/Cook County Health.
  • "TRANSFORM911: Using Data and Technology to Transform 911 Call-Taking and Response through vidence-Informed and Unbiased Practices," Arnold Ventures.
  • "Multi-Site Evaluation of Critical Time Intervention (CTI)," Arnold Ventures.
  • "Evaluation of Chicago’s Crisis Assistance Response and Engagement (CARE) Pilot," The Charles and Lynn Schusterman Family Foundation.

Shantá Robinson, Assistant Professor

  • "Tarnished Spoons: The Promise of Epicurean Education for Marginalized Folx," Center for the Study of Race, Politics and Culture.

Miwa Yasui, Associate Professor

  • "Residual Effects of Trauma by Focusing on the Intergenerational Transmission of Trauma," CHAS Seed Grant.
  • "Development and Pilot Testing of a Culturally Tailored Brief Mental Health Literacy and Engagement Intervention for Asian American Young Adults," FY21 Crown Family Faculty Research Grant. 

Marci Ybarra, Associate Professor

  • "Immigration Enforcement and Birth Weight among Infants of Immigrant Women," Center for the Study of Race, Politics and Culture.
  • "Before and After COVID-19: The Well-Being of Racialized and Immigrant Chicagoans" with Angela Garcia, The Russell Sage Foundation.

Alan Zarychta, Assistant Professor

  • "Decentralization, COVID-19, and the Governance of Local Health Systems in Central America," FY21 Crown Family Faculty Research Grant.
  • "Strategies for Improving the Governance of Rural Water Systems," UC Center for Global Health.