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Interest areas: Dissemination and implementation science; Child and adolescent mental health; Recovery-oriented system transformation; Trauma-informed practice and policy; Child welfare; Poverty and inequality; Quality improvement in social service agencies; Public health; Mixed methods. Curriculum Vitae

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Interest areas: Poverty and Inequality; Welfare Policy; Income Instability; Social Networks; Social Capital; Financial Health and Mental Health and Well-Being; Earned Income Tax Credit; Work/Family Balance; Financial strategies of single parents; Qualitative methods; Mixed methods.

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  • Matthew Borus

Interest areas: Community organizing, individual and organizational political identity

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Interest areas: Precarious work; Nonstandard employment; Labor market inequality and Working poverty; Work-Family Policy

  • Emily Claypool

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Interest Areas: Transitions to Adulthood; Disconnected Youth; Post-Secondary Education and Employment Organizations; Policy Advocacy; Race, Poverty, and Place.

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Interest areas: Indigeneity; state violence; interpersonal violence; reproductive justice; Latin America; ethnographic methods

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Interest Areas: Work-family policy; Family caregiving; Poverty and inequality; Social safety nets; Job quality and employment policy; Mixed Methods. Curriculum Vitae

  • Kristen Ethier

Interest areas: Child Welfare, Adolescent parents and their children, Reproductive health and justice, Systems involved youth, Critical feminish research and practive, parenting support intervention

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Interest areas: Older foster youth, Chinese child welfare policy and social work profession development 

Interest areaseducation, youth and families, immigration, urban governance, organizations, social movements, community and labor organizing

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Interest areas: Definitions and enactments of state care, child welfare policy, mental health policy, organizational theory, anthropology of bureaucracy, social righs in a post-welfare era

Dissertation title: "Disappearing Acts: An Ethnographic Study of Psychotropic Drugs and Professional Practices in Illinois's Child Welfare System"

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Interest areas: Deprofessionalized social work; helping professions; labor; community; institutions; ethnographic methods

Interests: Mental Health Systems and Services; Clinical Social Work; Queer and Trans Youth; School-Based Mental Healthcare; Violence Prevention; Critical Theories in Social Work; Participatory Action Research Methodologies 

Interest areas: Youth and families; school settings; community settings; mixed methods research

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Interest areasYoung fathers aging out of the child welfare/foster care system; Transition-aged foster youth and youth aging out of the child welfare/foster care system; Fatherhood, father involvement, and father engagement; Child maltreatment, child welfare, and foster care; History of social welfare and the profession of social work; African American contributions to the history of social welfare and social work

Dissertation Title: Fatherhood in Foster Care: Black Fathers Aging out of Care in Chicago, Illinois

 Curriculum Vitae

Interest areas: Positive youth development; afterschool programs; school social work; alternative youth services; adventure therapy; adolescent health; adolescent sexuality

Dissertation title: "Out-of-School Activities, Noncognitive Factors and Academic Performance." Curriculum Vitae

Interest Areas: Pre K-12 Education; Criminal Justice; Juvenile Justice; School Discipline; Anti-Adultism; Socioemotional Learning; Play Therapy

  • Ebony Hinton

Interest areas: Evaluating the effects of social policy on low-income families and children, specifically on the economic conditions of families and how their economic well-being in turn influences parents' and children's well-being; the intersection of labor market and education, particularly among marginalized populations

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  • Sireen Irsheid

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Interest areas: Organizational Cultures and Program Effectiveness

Dissertation title: "Needs and Numbers: Perceptions of Performance Contracts in Human Service Organizations"

  • Amanda Michelle Jones

Interest areas: Youth Homelessness; LGBTQ Youth; Anti-Oppressive Social Work and Research; Trauma-Informed Social Work; Social Work with Groups; Community Organizing; Youth Participatory Action Research; Adolescent/Young Adult Development; Youth Political and Civic Engagement; Qualitative Research Methods; Evaluation Research; Visual Sociology; Research-based Arts

Dissertation title: "It's Complicated: The Relationship Between Structural Violence in Youth Homelessness Policy and the Lives of LGBTQ+ Youth Experiencing Homelessness." Curriculum Vitae

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  • Lance Keene

Interest areas: Race, Gender, and Sexuality; Social Inequality; Health Disparities; Urban Youth and Community Development; Youth Services and Programs. Curriculum Vitae

Interest areas: Mental Healthcare; Law Enforcement and Policing; Law, Punishment, and Social Control; Alternatives to Arrest and Incarceration; Spatial Distributions of Inequality; Race and Ethnicity. Curriculum Vitae

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Interest Areas: Urban Education; Social Inequality/Policy; Identity Formation

Dissertation Title: "A National Assessment of School District Variation in Black Student Academic Achievement"

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Interest areasRacism; Wage Gap by Race; Glass Ceiling; Racial Minorities; Ethnic Minorities; Asian Americans; Emerging Adulthood; Young Adulthood; Stereotyping

Dissertation title: "Racial Inequality in Labor Market Perpetuated by Social Networks with a Focus on Asian Americans"

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Interest areas: racial identity formation, Asian American identity consciousness, mental health among adolescents and emerging adults, critical narrative methods, family processes within immigrant communities

Interest areas: Suicidal Behavior among African-Americans in Community Settings and Incarceration; Mental Health; Criminal Justice: Race and Ethnicity; Help-seeking Behaviors

  • Biwen Liu

Interest areas: Community; Rural-urban migrants; Urban Poverty; Policy implementation; International social work

Interest areas: Adolescent development; immigration and families; adolescent health disparities; STI/HIV prevention

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Interest Areas: Health Services Research; Health Policy; Medicaid; The Integration of Health and Social Care; Social Determinants of Health; Clinical Social Work Practice in Health Care Settings

Preliminary Dissertation Title: Understanding Nonprofit Hospital Community Benefits: A Mixed Methods Approach. 

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  • Matthew Maronick

Interest areas: Social Service Disparities; Nonprofit Engagement; Social Policy; Economic Inequalities

Dissertation title: "Assisting the Latino Diaspora: Human Service Availability in New Immigrant Destinations"

Interest areas: Childhood regulatory disorders; Family support

Interest areas: Community-based education spaces; race and ethnicity; social inequality; adolescent development; youth empowerment

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Interest areas: Social policy; child and family well-being; child welfare; poverty and safety net policy; child welfare policy; employment and income policy; program evaluation; policy analysis; mixed methods

Interest areas: Immigration Policy, Immigrant Advocacy, Enumeration and the U.S. Census, Political and Affective Dimensions of Counting, Ethnographic Methods

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Interest areas: Integration of behavioral, medical, and social services; health policy politics; health services research; Medicaid; social determinants of health

Interest areas: Mass incarceration; social control and the criminal legal system; Women and motherhood; Poverty and inequality; Community organizing and coalition work; Qualitative methods. Curriculum Vitae

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Interest areas: Ethnographic methods; Social service design; Youth experiencing homelessness; History of social work

Interest areas: masculinities, violence, re-entry and reintegration, Latin America, interventionsback to top

Interest areas: Disability and incarceration; intellectual and developmental disabilities; disabilities and health and crime policy; racial and ethnic disparities in health and health care and the criminal justice system among people with disabilities.

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  • Jesse Self

Interest areas: Liminal legal statuses; trans-substantive processes (between immigration and carceral systems); state legal violence; socio-legal exclusion; law and society; social inequality

  • Allison Stinson

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Interest areas: Social Work Education & Immigration Policy, Mental Health within Immigrant Communities, Health Care Access Among Undocumented Imigrants

Dissertation Title: "Exploring the Experiences of Undocumented Immigrangs Living in a Sanctuary City: A Case Study of Chicago"

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Interest areas: Interests include the intersection of gender expression and performativity with mental health; risk and resilience; vulnerability; and sex, body, or companionship-based practices

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Interest areas: Juvenile Incarceration; Juvenile Justice Services & Policy; Neighborhood; Effects and Violence; Neighborhood Networks; Families & Other Systems of Care; Adverse Health Outcomes; Social Network Analysis; Spatial Data Analysis; Mixed Methods Research. Curriculum Vitae

  • Tadeo Weiner-Davis

Interest areas: Community and community organizing; Urban development and planning; Race, class, and Black politics; Critical Discourse Analysis; Ethnographic methods; Social work profession and curriculumCurriculum Vitae

  • Jade Wong

Interest areas: Complex organizations; Sociology of documents and documentation; Governance of data in nonprofit and government organizations

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