Margaret Schneemann

Headshot of Margaret Schneemann



  • 45400 Economics of Social Welfare


Job Experience

  • Water Resource Economist, Illinois-Indiana Sea Grant, University of Illinois Urbana
  • Policy Analyst, Institute for Health Research and Policy, University of Illinois Chicago
  • Environmental Policy Economist, Eastern Research Group
  • Recreation Economist, Kleinschmidt Associates


Fields of Special Interest

  • Urban Planning and Policy
  • Water Pricing, Financing, and Equity
  • Inclusive Economic Development

Publications or Presentations

  • Schneemann, M., N. Beck and Z. Vernon. (2019). ON TO 2050 Regional Water Demand Forecast for Northeastern Illinois, 2015 – 2050. Chicago Metropolitan Agency for Planning. Report #FY19 – 0036.

  •  N. Beck and M. Schneemann, (2019). Changing Water Demand: Projecting Water Use in the Chicago Region to 2050. Chicago Metropolitan Agency for Planning Report #FY19-0053 #IISG19-RCE-RLA-030.

  •  Schneemann, M. “Water Pricing; Signals and Strategies ” Invited Presentation, Drinking Water 1-2-3 Academy, 23 July 2019, The Centre of Elgin, Elgin, IL.

  •  Schneemann, M. L. Schnoebelen, and L. Dorworth. (2019). Ecosystem Services Valuation in the Indiana Coastal Zone. Illinois-Indiana Sea Grant. Report #IISG18-RCE-SCI-010.

  •  Schneemann, M. (2019). Water Affordability Method Review. Report #IISG19-RCE-RLA-056 under contract for the Metropolitan Planning Council.

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  • Schneemann, M. “The Price of Water: From Economics to Equity.” Invited Presentation, Managing Water for the Extremes CNREP 2019: Challenges of Natural Resource Economics and Policy, 20 May 2019, New Orleans, LA.

  • Schneemann, M. “Rates Retrospective.” Illinois Section American Water Works Association, WaterCon, 20, March 2019, Springfield, IL.

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