Danielle Bastian


969 E. 60th St.
Chicago, IL 60637

Areas of Expertise
Mental Health
Social Work
Social Work and Sex Workers

This course will focus on best practices for social workers who wish to provide support to sex workers and individuals involved in the sex trade. Historically, social...

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  • Jessica Bishop-Royse, Danielle Bastian, Crysta Heart & Greg Scott(2021)Trafficking in the Erotic Labor Market: A National Survey,Journal of Human Trafficking,7:2,121-136,DOI: 10.1080/23322705.2019.1695094


  • 69004 Social Work and Sex Workers

Job Experience

  • Clinical Supervisor, YouthCare
  • Behavioral Health Clincal Care Coordinator, Meridian Health Plan
  • Case Manager, Thresholds Grais Apartments

Fields of Special Interest

  • Harm Reduction
  • Sex Work/Sex Trade
  • Trafficking Issues and Policy
  • Co-Occuring Disorders/MISA
  • Community Organizing


  • “The Impact of Anti-Trafficking Legislation on Sex Workers,” Midwest Harm Reducation Institute Regional Conference, University of Illinois at Chicago, October 2018.

  •  “Sex Worker Health,” Iowa Harm Reduction Summit, University of Iowa, September 2018.

  •  “The Truth about SESTA, Sex Work and Decriminalization,” Panelist, DePaul University, May 2018.

  •  “Understanding and Supporting Individuals in the Sex Trade,” University of Southern Florida St. Petersburg (April 2018), Chicago School of Psychology (2013-2018), Chicago House and Social Service Agency (2015),  Deborah's Place (2014), Howard Brown Health Center (January 2013).

  • Challenging the Victim-Centered Approach,” Human Trafficking and Social Justice Conference, University of Toledo, September 2017.

  •  “Uncovering the Truth About Trafficking in the U.S.: Preliminary Findings from the Erotic Labor Market Research Study,” Human Trafficking and Social Justice Conference, University of Toledo, September 2016