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Crown Family School Alumni Association Board Application

Crown Family School Alumni Association Board's Mission

The Alumni Association Board is dedicated to advancing the mission, vision, and values of the Crown Family School. We strive to build, strengthen, and maintain strong, mutually beneficial relationships between the alumni and all facets of the School. We connect with students and alumni across the country, advance the reputation of the School, and develop a pipeline to build capacity for student scholarships.

The Alumni Association Board's main mission and purpose is to:

• Drive engagement among the alumni and with Crown Family School's students, faculty, and staff by attending Crown Family School sponsored events.

• Increase participation to the Crown Family School Fund among all alumni.
• Provide resources for alumni networking, professional development, and career advancement.

• Elevate the Crown Family School brand among its alumni and nationally.
• Assist current students in career placement.
• Facilitate bi-directional communication between alumni and the Crown Family School.

Expectations of the Alumni Association Board
• Attend at least three programs each year and Alumni Weekend.
• 100% participation by the Board in giving to the Crown Family School Fund.
• Promote a culture of philanthropy among students and alumni.
• Positively message Crown Family School and actively recruit diverse student and alumni leaders to the Board and its committees.
• Take a leadership role in an Crown Family School Fund Alumni Association Board initiative.
• Celebrate and promote the accomplishments of students, alumni, and faculty.

Length of term
Two years, with an option to remain on the board for a second, and third, two-year term. Length of service may be extended if elected to one or more executive position(s), in which case each elected officer is expected to serve at least one two-year term, with an option to remain in that same officer position for the second, and third, two-year term. Board members are eligible for election to more than one officer position, with requisite term lengths applying to each elected position.

Meetings and time commitment
Alumni Board Members contribute to the Alumni Association in a meaningful way. Individual time commitments to the Alumni Association Board may vary over the course of the academic year. However, Committee chairs should expect to dedicate an average of 3 to 5 hours per month to Board activities, and the Executive Committee Board Officers 3 to 5 hours per month. Board members may be more active in any particular month, depending on their committee work and attendance at Board-sponsored events.

The Board of Directors meet once per quarter on Saturday mornings. Meetings are usually at Crown Family School, and typically last three hours. Board committees meet as needed, pending their respective work agenda.

Apply to the Alumni Board
Please upload a current resume, brief statement of interest, and contact information of two professional references (name, number and email address). In addition to discussing your professional experience and reasons for wanting to join the Alumni Association Board in your statement of interest, please address the following:

  • Your previous engagement with Crown Family School's Alumni Association (i.e. event attendance, previous giving, engagement with students, alumni, faculty and/or staff, etc.).
  • Your availability to give an average of 3 to 5 hours per month to Board activities.
  • Your comfortability in soliciting volunteers, event attendees, and donors from your personal and professional networks.

Please submit an interest form to learn more about the Alumni Board. Please contact Maggi Steib if you have questions.