Evening & Part-time Programs (SW)

Extended Evening Pathway

The Crown Family School of Social Work, Policy, and Practice offers a three-year Extended Evening Pathway (EEP) in the Social Work, Social Policy, and Social Administration (SW) program to meet the educational needs of working adults. The program enables students to complete the Master of Arts degree requirements by attending classes part-time in the evenings during three years of continuous enrollment. EEP requires the same number of hours and credits in class and fieldwork as the Full-time Program.

Required courses are scheduled from 5:30 p.m. to 8:20 p.m., two evenings a week. It is especially important for EEP students to take the required concentration courses in the specified sequence because most of these courses are offered in the evening on an every-other-year basis. Because of scheduling constraints, students in the EEP do not have as full a selection of courses as students in the day program. To take advantage of alternative course offerings, EEP students are encouraged to arrange their work schedules so that they can take some of the daytime courses at the Crown Family School and other units of the University.

EEP students complete two field placements. First-year students are required to complete 400 hours. Students are in the field for one full day or two half days per week (Monday-Friday) consecutively for 12 months. All students must successfully complete the core field placement requirement before registering for Winter quarter of their second year. 

The second field placement is compatible with the student’s advanced academic concentration. Students in the clinical practicum complete 720 hours, which requires a commitment of 9 hours per week in field. Students in the social administration concentration complete a minimum of 576 hours in field, which is a commitment of 8 hours per week. Social Administration students are in placement one full or two half days each week. Advanced placement typically begins in October of the second year, continues through the summer, and concludes at the end of the third academic year.

Students are encouraged to talk with their employers about the necessity of having some flexibility in their weekday schedules while in school. Students working in qualified agencies may be able to arrange one of the two field placements at their places of employment.  The School will consider placing students in their agency of employment for first year Core or second year Concentration field placements provided certain safeguards can be established to insure that the educational quality of the experience is not compromised.

Increasing numbers of field placements require background checks, proof of immunizations, and/or drug testing prior to beginning work at the agency. The Field Education Office informs students of these requirements before beginning the practicum.

Financial aid and student loans are available for part-time study based on a combination of merit and need.

To apply, please visit the admissions page.

Part-time Day Pathway

Students in the Social Work and Social Welfare (SW) Part-time Day Pathway take two courses each quarter over three years. Core courses are completed during the first year, except for the core practice course which is postponed until the second year along with the first field placement. Students in the Part-time Day Pathway complete two field placements during their second and third year on the same academic schedule as the Full-time students.

To apply, please visit the admissions page.