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For Prospective Field Placement Sites

Field Placement with Purpose

The field placement provides opportunities for students to build professional social work competencies and prepare for positions of leadership. While placed within your organization, Crown Family School students may engage in direct practice and macro level project work with clients, constituents and stakeholders in accordance with your agency's mission. 

Master's level field placements are designed to help students integrate knowledge, values, and skills learned in the practice setting and classroom. Students are encouraged to evaluate their own practice and develop beginning competence in an area of social work under the guidance and supervision of a qualified Field Instructor. 

You can host students with interests that match the needs of your organization. Three primary types of field placement experiences may be provided: 

  1. Core/1st Year Field Placement
  2. Clinical Field Placement
  3. Social Administration Field Placement

Please email Mel Lamagna, Director of Field Education or call 773.702.9418 to discuss field placement opportunities.