Professional Development Program

The Professional Development Program (PDP) at the University of Chicago Crown Family School of Social Work, Policy, and Practice is distinguished by its quality instruction and substantive exploration of clinical and management practice issues. Grounded in the dynamic interplay of theory, research, and practice, PDP workshops, review courses, and advanced clinical practice programs are intended to inform participants and also to challenge them to integrate new learning into their daily practice. Crown Family School faculty, as well as distinguished guest scholars and practitioners, teach PDP offerings.

The program is designed primarily for licensed social workers and other human service professionals. Students at Crown Family School are welcome to attend workshops and are provided a 50 percent discount. PDP events should be considered a supplementary offering to students’ academic experiences and as a resource throughout their professional careers.

Continuing education credit is available to meet state licensing requirements and to give recognition of personal initiative and growth. For information about upcoming programs, instructors, and tuition, please visit our website: