Student Awards and Recognition

Jamahl Banks with the Crown Family School flag

The Crown Family School congratulates all of our students... those who graduate this June and those who will return to us next year.

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We recognize and honor:

Jade Wong
(Summer 2022 Graduate)
Dissertation: Ambivalent Adventures with Standards
Advisor: E. Summerson Carr, Associate Professor

Sireen Bahia Irsheid
(Autumn 2022 Graduate)
Understanding the Impact of Educational and Non-Educational Structures of Opportunity and Disinvestment on Students Overage for Grade
Advisor: Deborah Gorman-Smith, Dean & Emily Klein Gidwitz Professor

Allison L. Paulson
(Summer 2023 Graduate)
Health Care Utilization and 12-Month Mortality Following a Nonfatal Opioid Overdose among Nonelderly Individuals Dually Enrolled in Medicare and Medicaid, 2014-2015
Advisor: Harold Pollack, Helen Ross Professor

Tadeo Miguel Gerardo Weiner-Davis
(Summer 2023 Graduate)
"Obama Yes, Displacement No:" An Ethnographic Study of the Obama Presidential Center Community Benefits Agreement Coalition
Advisor: William Sites, Associate Professor

First Year Leadership Award

This award is given to a first year student for outstanding work in the first year and promise of future achievement in their profession.

2023 Recipient: Kassandra Barrera

Kassandra Barrera receives First Year Leadership Award presented by Dean Kristen Reid Solomon

The Solomon O. Lichter Memorial Prize

This award is given to graduating master’s degree students for scholarship and professional leadership.

2023 Recipients: Noah Doppelt, Autumn Hagstrom, and Madeleine Boesche

Noah Doppelt receives the Solomon O. Lichter Memorial Prize
Autumn Hagstrom receives the Solomon O. Lichter Memorial Prize
Madeleine Boesche receives the Solomon O. Lichter Memorial Prize

Crown Family School Community and Leadership Award

This award is given to graduating students (master's and doctoral) who have demonstrated their commitment to social justice within the communities to which they belong. 

2023 Recipients: Louise Siyu Gao and Alexandra Galván

Alex Galvan receives the Crown Family School Community and Leadership Award

Excellence in Field Education Award

This award given to a first- and second- year master's student for exceptional performance in field education. This award considers the student's ability to integrate field with coursework, performance in seminar, quality of reflection logs, and high achievement of CSWE's core competencies as evidenced by quarterly field evaluation ratings, narrative, and site visit.

2023 Recipients: 1st Year Awardee - Reyna Moreno and 2nd Year Awardee - Julia Riordan

Reyna Moreno receives the Excellence in Field Education Award

Simon Doctoral Teaching Award

This award recognizes and honors PhD students who have demonstrated outstanding teaching and instruction in the master ’s program. Winners are selected each year based on the instructor’s contributions to the development of inclusive pedagogy in social work education and to a classroom that promotes critical thinking, advances knowledge, and supports students’ academic and professional development.

2023 Recipients: Matthew Borus, Ariel Maschke, and Melanie Nadon

Matthew Borus receives the Simon Doctoral Teaching Award
Ariel Maschke receives the Simon Doctoral Teaching Award


Advocates’ Forum is an academic journal that explores implications of clinical social work practice, social issues, administration, and public policies linked to the social work profession. The Editorial Board of Advocates’ Forum seeks to provide a medium through which Crown Family School students can contribute to public thinking about social welfare and policy in theory and practice. Above all, Advocates’ Forum serves to encourage and facilitate an open, scholarly exchange of ideas among individuals working toward the shared goal of a more just and humane society.


  • Hannah Clague, "The Softest Part"
  • Autumn Hagstrom, "Black Women Leading Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Initiatives in Government"
Autumn Hagstrom receives a certificate for contributing to the Advocates' Forum 2023 issue
  • Dina Rosin and Sarina Balraj, "The Case for Addressing Anti-Fatness in Social Work Education"
Dina Rosin receives a certificate for contributing to the Advocates' Forum 2023 issue
  • Tara Vahdani, "A Collective Responsibility: Addressing the School Social Worker Shortage"
  • Edith Zarco, "La Llorona"
Edith Zarco receives a certificate for contributing to the Advocates' Forum 2023 issue


Alexa Cinque

Alexa Cinque receives a certificate as editor-in-chief of the Advocates' Forum 2023

Editorial Board

Caroline Blanton
Abbey Cliffe
Olivia Daprile
Ryan Farrior
Autumn Hagstrom
Zatio Kone
Julia Riordan
Alanna Sereboff

Members of the Advocates' Forum 2023 Editorial Board

Faculty Advisor

Janelle Goodwill, PhD, Neubauer Family Assistant Professor

Avinash Kumar (not pictured)

Sarah Bertman

Sarah Bertman receives special recognition for her role with Student Government Association (SGA)

Ebony Chuukwu

Ebony Chuukwu receives special recognition for her role with Student Government Association (SGA)

Marissa Smith

 Marissa Smith receives special recognition for her role with Student Government Association (SGA)

Carolyn Schafer-Geurin

Carolyn Schafer-Geurin receives special recognition for her role with Student Government Association (SGA)


Members of the SGA Board - Sarah Bertman, Ebony Chuukwu, Marissa, and Carolyn Schafer-Geurin

Programs of Study

Addressing Social Inequality: Innovations in Policy Practice Program

The Addressing Social Inequality: Innovations in Policy Practice program prepares social administration students to confront social inequality as it takes shape at the front lines of key societal institutions – among them social service agencies, workplaces, courts, city halls, and community organizations. The program builds on a unique strength of Crown Family School faculty: applying a street-level approach that moves beyond public policy as written on paper to examine policy as implemented in practice.

Gwen Boone
Eduardo Gutierrez
Autumn Hagstrom
Eashaa Jampala
Sabina Lumesberger
Angela Orokoh
Gabriel Schendler
Sarah Tomas Morgan

Advanced Alcohol or Other Drug (AOD) Counselor Training Program

The Crown Family School is an Illinois Certification Board (ICB) Accredited Advanced Alcohol or Other Drug (AOD) Counselor Training Program, where clinical social work students have the opportunity to complete specialized coursework and field education designed to prepare them to address the unique needs of people who use substances and their families, as well as address structural violence related to the criminalization of substance use that disproportionately impacts marginalized communities. Completion of this program meets ICB’s eligibility requirements for the certification of alcohol and drug counseling (CADC) exam.

Kate Dulin
Joey Guarnaccia
Celia Kokoris
Zatio Kone
Daniel Seeder

The Contextual Behavioral Practices Program of Study (CBPPS)

This Program of Study aims to educate students in the values, principles, and skills that organize the behavior of practitioners using contextual behavioral approaches (CBA).

Chris Akel
Hannah Clague
Faith Doney
Maranda Gorr-Diaz
Nicole Levonyak
Xinran Liu
Fernanda Marques Esteves
Karem Muksed
Priscilla Ramos Rico
Jessica Wang
Nicole Qiaohong Yan

School Social Work Program of Study

The School Social Work Program offers a specialized curriculum leading to Professional Educator Licensure with School Social Work Endorsement issued through the Illinois State Board of Education.

Madeline Bick
Sunsharae Brewer
Phoebe Caplin
Laila Drury
Brenda Fineberg
Rose Hankes
Rachel Iverson
Sumayyah Jones
Asia Locke
Charlese Minder
Olivia Morse
Bianca Murillo
Naomi Rapp
Nina Rodriguez
Charlotte Strazis
Maya Trinka
Rachel Tsen
Mirella Valdivia
Sasha Weinert
Julia Yaccarino
Shamiram Yousef

Transforming Justice Policies and Practices

The Transforming Justice Policies and Practices Program of Study immerses clinical practice and social administration students in classes and field placements that offer a rich exploration and examination of the policies, practices, histories and philosophies of the United States criminal justice system, with an emphasis on developing more just approaches. It offers a historical and current overview of the overlaps of the fields of social work and criminal justice, preparing students to recognize and address inequities at these intersections.

Charles Beck
Jane Bolton
Alexa Cinque
Charlotte Cramer
Isabella DeMino
Sophia Eisenberg
Constance Hull
Samina Kassam
Jacob Mason-Marshal
Erin Moderow

Trauma Responsive Social Work Program of Study

The central goal of this Program of Study is to become practiced with trauma-responsive work, meaning students feel more competent, confident, and responsive to trauma-based needs in clients, in whichever context they may encounter them. The Trauma POS aims to support students in the values, principles and skills that organize the behavior of practitioners using neurobiological, contextual, and interpersonal skills.

Alina Ahmed
June Carter
Grant Chustz
Margot Greer
So Imhoof
Valerie Jaharis
Humza Imam Malik
Alexandra Reifenberg
Maia Ross Trupin
Gregory Sutherland
Nia Wilson

Certificate Programs

The Graduate Program in Health Administration and Policy (GPHAP)

Nadalyn Bangura
Arunima Bhattacharjee
Madeleine Boesche
Hatcher Chapman
Aislynn Malilay
Justin Mun
Sam Pederson
Sandra Yamin

GPHAP Arthur Quern Fellows

Arunima Bhattacharjee

GPHAP Carl A. Erikson Fellows

Madeleine Boesche
Justin Mun
Sandra Yamin
Hatcher Chapman

Kiphart Scholars Program in Global Health & Social Development Graduates

Immersive Track

Catalina Mican Rivera
Blair Salditch
Anna Samulski
Julia Sykes

Parallel Track

Sophia Berger de Souza
Arunima Bhattacharjee
Faezeh Fathizadeh
Alexandra Gates
Jesus Hernandez
Yinan Kuang
Evangelina Li
Elyse Morris
Eleanor Munk
Hannah Synnott
Myra Villas
Marna Wal

Congratulations to the following students who have received prestigious awards outside of the Crown Family School in the 2022-2023 school year.

Aga Khan Foundation International Scholarship Programme, Aga Khan Foundation, 2023
Anusha Somani

American Councils for International Education Critical Language Scholarship - Persian 2023
Melina Vanni-González

Anthony Jacobs Legacy Scholarship, Society for Social Work Leadership in Health Care - Illinois Chapter, 2023
Megan Ro

Charles M. Ross Trust Scholarship
Charlie Grant

Doctoral Study Abroad Fellowship, Korea Foundation for Advanced Studies, 2022
Suh Kyung Lee

Government Relations Fellowship, Win Without War, 2022-2023
Faezeh Fathizadeh

Foreign Language Area Studies (FLAS) Academic Year Fellowship
Charlie Grant

John Edwardson ‘72 Social New Venture Challenge: Phase II Participant, University of Chicago Booth Rustandy Center for Social Sector Innovation & Polsky Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation
Ashlin Kamoe

Kott Gerontology Scholarship, Kott Gerontology Institute, 2022
Megan Ro

Kreisman Graduate Fellow, Mansueto Institute for Urban Innovation at the University of Chicago, 2022-2023
Lizzie DePentu

Minority Fellowship Program, Council on Social Work Education, 2022-23
Asia Locke

Minority Fellowship Program, Council on Social Work Education, 2022-23
Myra Villas

UChicago Grad Global Impact (GGI) Pitch, The University of Chicago, 2023
Anusha Somani

UChicago Office of the Provost Chang-Lin Tien Award, 2022
Justin Mun

W. Allison Davis Graduate Research Award
Caroline Kelly