Student Awards and Recognition

Jamahl Banks with the Crown Family School flag

The Crown Family School congratulates all of our students... those who graduate this June and those who will return to us next year.

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We recognize and honor:

Danielle Rose Adams
Dissertation: Assessing Real-World Access to Community-based Mental Health Services for Adolescents: A Mixed-Methods Mystery Shopper Study
Chair: Jennifer Mosley, Associate Professor

Dylan John-Franklin Bellisle
Dissertation: The Role of the Earned Income Tax Credit in Family Economic Decision Making: Moving Beyond an Individual Actor Model
Chair: Julia Henly, Professor

Bridgette Mary Davis
Dissertation: Access Delayed; Success Denied: How Administrative Burdens Shape College Opportunity for First-Generation, Low-Income Students
Chair: Jennifer Mosley, Associate Professor

Justin Sean Harty
Dissertation: Fatherhood in Foster Care: Black Fathers Aging Out of Illinois Department of Children and Family Services Care
Chair: Waldo E. Johnson, Jr., Vice Provost & Associate Professor

Meghan Jarpe
Dissertation: Left Out in the Cold? The Funding Position of Youth Homeless Service Providers in a Data-Driven Field
Chair: Jennifer Mosley, Associate Professor

Darnell Leatherwood
Dissertation: A National Assessment of School District Variation in Black Student Academic Achievement
Chair: Julia Henly, Professor

Mina Lee
Dissertation: The Role of Social Ties in Accounting for Racial Inequality in Labor Market as Experienced by Asian Americans
Chair: Julia Henly, Professor

Hannah MacDougall
Dissertation: Understanding Nonprofit Hospital Community Benefits: A Mixed Methods Approach
Chair: Jeanne C. Marsh, George Herbert Jones Distinguised Service Professor

Marion Malcome
Dissertation: “We Don’t Complain, We Just Survive”: Black Mothers’ Experiences of Depression, Racism, and Violence in Chicago
Chair: Deborah Gorman-Smith, Dean & Emily Klein Gidwitz Professor

Tonie Elizabeth Sadler
Dissertation: From High School to the Cliff: How Disability Policies Shape Post High School Pathways for Young Adults with IDD and Their Families in Chicago
Chair: Harold Pollack, Professor

Nicole Odina Williams
Dissertation: “Now I Have More Freedom, but More Work”: African American Boys Following the Transition to High School
Chair: Julia Henly, Professor

Jade Wong
Dissertation: Ambivalent Adventures with Standards
Chair: E. Summerson Carr, Associate Professor

Wilma Walker Memorial Award

This award is given to a first year student for outstanding work in the first year and promise of future achievement in social work. 

2022 Recipient: Chris Akel

Wilma Walker Memorial Award recipient Chris Akel

The Solomon O. Lichter Memorial Prize

This award is presented to a graduating Master’s degree student for scholarship and professional leadership.

2022 Recipients:

Nell Crittenden receives the Solomon O. Lichter Memorial Prize
Recipient of Solomon O. Lichter Memorial Prize

Maya Bauer
Nell Crittenden
Danie Nitardy

Sonia G. Berz Award

This award is given to graduating master's degree students for outstanding work, with special consideration given to promise of future achievement in the field of service to older adults.

2022 Recipients:

Benny Kuang

The Sonia G. Berz Award is presented to Benny Kuang

Jahee Yi

The Sonia G. Berz Award is presented to Jahee Yi

Crown Community and Leadership Award

This award is given to graduating (inclusive of master's degree and doctoral) students who have demonstrated their commitment to social justice, within the communities they belong to, the Chicago community and/or the Crown/University community in order to create a more just and equitable world. 

2022 Recipients:

Dani (Danielle) Adams

The Crown Community and Leadership Award is presented to Dani Adams

Niki Colon

The Crown Community and Leadership Award is presented to Niki Colon

Sophia Etling

Henry Rosh

The Crown Community and Leadership Award is presented to Henry Rosh

Chavelle Taylor

The Crown Community and Leadership Award is presented to Chavelle Taylor

Miranda Thompson

Demeatreas Whatley

The Crown Community and Leadership Award is presented to Demeatreas Whatley

Yudi Xia

The Crown Community and Leadership Award is presented to Yudi Xia

Crown Family School Student Organization Award

This award is given to a student organization that has demonstrated commitment within the personal communities they are a part of, the Chicago community, and/or the Crown/University community through active service, engagement and collaboration.

2022 Recipient: White Accountability Group

Excellence in Field Education Award

This award recognizes two graduating students for exemplary contribution in their concentration of fieldwork.

Chris Akel - 1st year student

Chris Akel receives the Excellence in Field Education Award

Sam Martinez - 2nd year student

Sam Martinez receives the Excellence in Field Education Award

Simons Doctoral Student Teaching Award

2022 Recipients:

The Simons Doctoral Teaching Award is presented to Dani Adams and Bridgette Davis

Dani Adams
Bridgette Davis

Advocates’ Forum is an academic journal that explores implications of clinical social work practice, social issues, administration, and public policies linked to the social work profession. The Editorial Board of Advocates’ Forum seeks to provide a medium through which Crown Family School students can contribute to public thinking about social welfare and policy in theory and practice. Above all, Advocates’ Forum serves to encourage and facilitate an open, scholarly exchange of ideas among individuals working toward the shared goal of a more just and humane society.

Janelle Goodwilll, PhD, faculty advisor of the Advocates' Forum, presents certificates to Olivia Daprile and Guutaa Regassa



Mansi Mehta

Editorial Board

Olivia Daprile, Thomas Bates III, and Mansi Mehta are celebrated for their work on the editorial board of the 2022 Advocates' Forum

Thomas Bates III
Alexa Cinque
Olivia Daprile
Fernanda Esteves
Brooke Ferguson
Nida Khafiyya
Mansi Mehta

Faculty Advisor

Janelle Goodwill, PhD, Neubauer Family Assistant Professor

The Trauma Informed Care Workshop Series is a yearlong series of workshops that focus on increasing awareness of self, understanding the significance of trauma and its impact on individuals and communities, and reflecting on how trauma informed care fits into their personal and professional lives.


Christin Adams

Katie Dudek

Zatio Kone

Charlie Ruiz

Chris Akel

Kate Dulin

Carolina Kuhl

Emma Rust

Jessica Andrade

Sophia Eisenberg

Rebekah Lamont

Naomi Salcedo

Sarah Atlas

Julia English

Jessica Levinson

Amalia Salmeron

Laurell Baker

Jessica Escutia-Calderon

Nicole Levonyak

Anna Samulski

Alexandra Bayer

Fernanda Esteves

Jindian Li

Brooke Schwartz

Charles Beck

Sophie Etling

Frederica Lipmann

Danielle Schwartz

Olga Bednarek

Faezeh Fathizadeh

Xinran Liu

Hannah Scott

Sophia Berger de Souza

Alyssa Fatigato

Alejandra Lopez

Daniel Seeder

Arunima Bhattacharjee

Bryanhdi Flagg-Oglen

Lina Malene Hille

Sheila Shankar

Madeline Bick

Tyler Frazier

Maaryah Malik

Melanie Simon

Madeleine Boesche

Jillian Furey

Aislynn Malilay

Brianna Suslovic

Lora Boll

Alexandra Gates

Xinyan Mao

Hannah Synnott

Gwen Boone

Alli Gattari

Annelise Matsuo

Sarah Tomas Morgan

Clark Bray

Sarah Grace Crowley

Rob Meeker

Seth Torres

Sunsahrae Brewer

Aza Greenlee

Marshall Mitchell

Prisca Tuyishime

Lindsay Bridgegum

Shiri Gross

Erin Moderow

Sonja Vaintrub

Madeleine Caceres

Anna Gurolnick

Elyse Morris

Melina Vanni-Gonzalez

Phoebe Caplin

Autumn Hagstrom

Eleanor Munk

Myra Villas

Erin Carreon

Rose Hankes

Bianca Murillo

Junru Wang

Elizabeth Cervantes

Crystina Harris

Tarik Musleh

Sasha Weinert

Jessie Chasan-Taber

Meredith Henry

Lina Neidhardt

Jessica Weinstock

Nina Chiuchiarelli

Laila Hosseinzadeh

Brogan O’Brien

Kelsey Weissburg

Grant Chustz

Bianca Huerta

Chiamaka Onuoha

Julia Wellisch

Alexa Cinque

Constance Hull

Kimberley Oria

Carol Wilber

Emily Claypool

Jess Hutchinson

Angela Orokoh

Kayla Wingert

Maddie Colbert

Eros Imhoof

Catalina Ospina

Madeline Wolfe

Camille Coleman

Valerie Jaharis

Angela Ou

Yudi Xia

Becca Covode

Eashaa Jampala

Madeleine Pattis

Sandra Yamin

Nell Crittenden

Soomin Jeong

Aleiya Penn

Jahee Yi

Hana Crnovrsanin

Maya Jones

Hillary Peregrina

Shamiram Yousef

Anna Crofts

Madeline Jones

Priscilla Ramos Rico

Fengya Zhang

Isabella DeMino

Natalie Jones

Mila Rao

Jory Zhang

Lizzie DePentu

Ranya Kamel

Naomi Rapp


Nina Dinh

Naomi Kaplan

Margot Rice


Katie DiPiero

Samina Kassam

Megan Ro


Faith Doney

Meghan Keane

Nina Rodriguez


Noah Doppelt

Asiyah Khafiyya

Yunuen Rodriguez Rodriguez


Aarohi Drabu

Lily Kohler

Jaclyn Roman


Laila Drury

Celia Kokoris

Olivia Rowley


The following students have received certificates for completing their Program of Study.

Addressing Educational Inequalities

The Addressing Educational Inequalities Program of Study prepares social administration students to engage in work to understand educational inequality in the U.S. context. Students develop an understanding of the way social systems such as racism, poverty, sexism, ableism, and other forms of discrimination have historically shaped our educational institutions and inhibited such equity, and, indeed, in many cases have turned such institutions into entities that reinforce injustice rather than eroding it.

Kelsey Buckley
Karlyn Gehring
Anmin Hui
Naomi Johnson
Zareen Kamal
Ariana Kamberelis
Holly Nuthmann
Brittany Read
Rebecca Silverman

Addressing Social Inequality

The Addressing Social Inequality: Innovations in Policy Practice program prepares social administration students to confront social inequality as it takes shape at the front lines of key societal institutions – among them social service agencies, workplaces, courts, city halls, and community organizations. The program builds on a unique strength of Crown Family School faculty: applying a street-level approach that moves beyond public policy as written on paper to examine policy as implemented in practice.

Grace Dehorn
Soomin Jeong
Louisa Silverman
Mary Elizabeth Smith
Benjamin Wills

Advanced Alcohol or Other Drug (AOD) Counselor Training Program

The Crown Family School is an Illinois Certification Board (ICB) Accredited Advanced Alcohol or Other Drug (AOD) Counselor Training Program, where clinical social work students have the opportunity to complete specialized coursework and field education designed to prepare them to address the unique needs of people who use substances and their families, as well as address structural violence related to the criminalization of substance use that disproportionately impacts marginalized communities. Completion of this program meets ICB’s eligibility requirements for the certification of alcohol and drug counseling (CADC) exam.

Alex Bayer
Lina Malene Hille
Madeline Jones
Bethany Judson
Se Yun (Peter) Kim
Tess Nelligan
Tara Song
Olivia Spence
Ryan Watters

The Contextual Behavioral Practices Program of Study (CBPPS)

This Program of Study aims to educate students in the values, principles, and skills that organize the behavior of practitioners using contextual behavioral approaches (CBA).

Rachel Cash
Camille Coleman
Niki Colon
Anna Crofts
Laurel Dammann
Jessica Erickson
Sophia Etling
Meredith Henry
Imani LaGrone
Nicole Levonyak
Katherine Lobo
Maria Mankin
Sarah Mitchell
Sara Olkon
Anna-Louise Olson
Melanie Simon
Paulina Torres
Prisca Tuyishime
Eve VanderKaay
Jessica Weinstock
Yudi Xia
Marny Zimmer

Global Social Development Practice (GSDP)

Students in this Program of Study engage in a rigorous course of study focused on understanding social problems, social policy, and on-the-ground practice in a globalized world. The GSDP POS places particular emphasis on understanding and working with culturally diverse and economically disadvantaged populations, attention to the needs and circumstances of individuals in the context of their local environment and in light of the structures and influences that shape their conditions and opportunities, and an understanding of the social construction of social problems that hones students’ capacity to think critically and intervene flexibly across contexts.

Adelia Davis
Walaa Jumma
Alyssa Linvell
Michelle Mehmud
Carlin Smith
Mehreen Tariq
Isobel Thimont Jack
Miranda Thompson
Sarah Trugerman
Junee Yang

The Graduate Program in Health Administration and Policy (GPHAP)

GPHAP provides students with the interdisciplinary training needed to face various economic, ethical, and social issues in today’s complex health care environment. GPHAP is intended for those considering careers in health services, management, policy, research, consulting, and finance.

Nadalyn Bangura
Ryann Billitteri
Jillian Furey
Sabrina Geraghty
Asiyah Nida Khafiyya
Marisol Menchaca-Escalante
Danny Michael
Jahee Yi
Rachel Zalaznik

School Social Work Program

The School Social Work Program offers a specialized curriculum leading to Professional Educator Licensure with School Social Work Endorsement issued through the Illinois State Board of Education.

Jennifer Boehm, Post-Master's School Social Work Certificate Program
Madeline Colbert
Demi Collins
Chantell Denney
Jessica Escutia-Calderon
Ana Fuentes
Ami Goetz
Anna Hoban
Rebekah Lamont
Kimberley Oria
Hannah Smith
Emma Sorkin
Hannan Sullivan
Rachel Tsen
Eve VanderKaay
Charity Williams
Barrett Winston
Winnie Yuen

Transforming Justice Policies and Practices

The Transforming Justice Policies and Practices Program of Study immerses clinical practice and social administration students in classes and field placements that offer a rich exploration and examination of the policies, practices, histories and philosophies of the United States criminal justice system, with an emphasis on developing more just approaches. It offers a historical and current overview of the overlaps of the fields of social work and criminal justice, preparing students to recognize and address inequities at these intersections.

Alexandra Bayer
Katherine DiPiero
Ginevra Francesconi
Lina Malene Hille
Max Hornung
Meghan Keane
Bethel Kifle
Molly Lubetkin
Eve Skosey-LaLonde
Molly Verghese

Trauma Responsive Social Work Program of Study

The central goal of this Program of Study is to become practiced with trauma-responsive work, meaning students feel more competent, confident, and responsive to trauma-based needs in clients, in whichever context they may encounter them. The Trauma POS aims to support students in the values, principles and skills that organize the behavior of practitioners using neurobiological, contextual, and interpersonal skills.

Alina Ahmed
Jarell Charleston
Alyssa Fatigato
Brooke Ferguson
Christine Goggins
Meredith Henry
Marty Kezon
Marisol Menchaca
Danie Nitardy
Guutaa Regassa
Henry Rosh
Liliana Rozo
Gregory Sutherland
Chavalle Taylor
Demeatreas Whatley


Congratulations to the following students who have received prestigious awards outside of the Crown Family School in the 2021-2022 school year.

Albert Schweitzer Fellowship, Health & Medicine Policy Research Group, 2021-2022
Ivy Hernandez Delgado

Alpha Kappa Alpha Educational Advancement Foundation (EAF) Scholarship, Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Incorporated, 2021
Martin Beck

Centre D’Aide Aux Familles Latino-Américaines Internship
Yunuen Rodriguez Rodriguez

Clinton Global Initiative University, Clinton Foundation
Jillian Furey

Diversifying Higher Education Faculty in Illinois Program (DFI), Illinois Board of Higher Education (IBHE), 2021-2022
Charity Williams

Erikson Fellows, GPHAP, 2021
Asiyah Nida Khafiyya
Danny Michael

Fulbright Award, Austrian-American Fulbright Commission, 2021-2023
Sabina Lumesberger

Fulbright-Schuman Award, Fulbright Program, 2022–2023
Mara Heneghan

Foreign Language and Area Studies Fellowship, U.S. Department of Education
Andrew Frangos

Founders’ Fellow, Live Oak Chicago, 2022
Sophia G Etling

France Chicago Center Internship Grant, UNESCO, France Chicago Center at The University of Chicago
Julia Sykes

France Travel Grant, France Chicago Center at The University of Chicago, 2022
Yunuen Rodriguez Rodriguez

Heumann-Armstrong Award, American Association of People with Disabilities, The Coelho Center for Disability Law, Policy, and Innovation, and Equal Opportunities for Students, 2021-2022
Nahime Aguirre Mtanous

IL LEND Fellowship, Association of University Centers on Disabilities/US HRSA, 2021-2022
Nahime Aguirre Mtanous

International House Graduate Fellowship Award, 2022-2023
Sabina Lumesberger

John Edwardson, ’72, Social New Venture Challenge (Semifinalist), The University of Chicago Booth School of Business, 2022
Martin Beck

Kay Jorgensen Scholarship Fund, Faithful Fools Street Level Community, 2020-2022
Bianca L. Huerta

Kreisman Initiative on Housing Law and Policy Graduate Fellow, The UChicago Mansueto Institute for Urban Innovation, 2021
Martin Beck

Minority Fellowship Program, Council on Social Work Education, 2021-2022
Emma Rust

National Dissertation Award for Research on Poverty and Economic Mobility, Institution for Research on Poverty, 2022-2023
Melanie Nadon

National Institute of Aging Predoctoral Fellowship, The Center for Health and the Social Sciences
Melanie Nadon

Obama Foundation Scholars Program, Obama Foundation, 2021-2022
Mara Heneghan

Obama Foundation Scholars (Finalist), The Obama Foundation, 2022
Martin Beck Demeatreas Whatley

Presidential Management Fellowship, U.S. Office of Personnel Management, 2022
Thomas Bates

The Proactive Therapy Postgraduate Fellowship, Proactive Therapy, 2022-2023
Sara Olkon

UChicago GRAD Diversity Advisory Board, Diversity Award for Crown Family School of Social Work, Policy, and Practice
Emma Rust

UChicago Grad Global Impact (GGI) Pitch, The University of Chicago, 2021
Martin Beck

UChicago GRAD Global Impact (GGI) Pitch Internship Program, UChicago GRAD, 2022
Sarah Tomas Morgan

UChicago Inclusive Economy Lab, 2022 Chicago Resilient Families Fellowship
Asiyah Nida Khafiyya

Institute of Politics, 2022 Summer Stipend Award
Sabina Lumesberger

Institute of Politics, 2021 Summer Stipend Award
Miranda Thompson

UChicago Pozen Family Center for Human Rights, 2022 Human Rights Internship
Faezeh Fathizadeh
Eleanor Munk
Myra Villas

UChicago University Community Service Center, President’s Volunteer Service Award
Ashlin Kamoe

Urban Leaders Fellowship, 2022
Olivia Daprile

Valuing Difference Graduate Student Award, The Wingspan Project, 2022
Adelia Davis

The William and Alice Hinckley Fund Scholarship, Unitarian Universalist Society of San Francisco, 2021-2022
Bianca L. Huerta