Five New Faculty Join the Crown Family School

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We are excited to welcome five new faculty members to the Crown Family School.  Professor Ming-Te Wang expands the school's scholarly expertise in addressing educational inequality. He also will lead the Urban Education Institute. The areas of poverty alleviation, child and family welfare, housing, and urban inequality gain new expertise with the arrival of associate professors Carolyn Barnes and Phillip Garboden, and assistant professors Margaret Thomas and Robin Bartram

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 Learn More about their research:

  • Carolyn Barnes, Ph.D:  Professor Barnes's research agenda broadly explores the social and political implications of social policy on low-income populations in childcare policy, family services, and support for young children.  
  • Robin Bartram, PhD: Professor Bartram’s research examines how the material aspects of housing and the built environment contribute to reproducing intersectional inequalities.
  • Philip Garboden, Ph.D: Professor Garboden’s primary research focuses on how landlords, developers, and property managers – respond to state, local, and federal housing policy in ways that exacerbate the structural marginalization of low-income and non-white communities. 
  • Margaret M. C. Thomas, Ph.D: Professor Thomas’ research examines material hardship and its consequences for other domains of well-being, such as child protective services involvement and health and mental health outcomes, as well as policy impacts on poverty and hardship. 
  • Ming-Te Wang, Ed.D.: Professor Wang expands the School’s scholarly expertise in addressing issues of education inequality. His research is focused on understanding and improving youth learning and development in multiple ecological contexts. He also will lead the Urban Education Institute.