Susan Klumpner

Headshot of Susan Klumpner


PhD Candidate at University of Maryland's School of Social Work


  • 30200 Research and Evaluation

Job experience

  •  School social worker

  •  Nonprofit administrator

  • Researcher

  • Adjunct instructor

Fields of Special Interest

  • School social work practice

  • Program evaluation

Publications  (last 3 years)

  •  Klumpner, S. & Woolley, M. (in press). Expanding After-School Programs Access for Vulnerable Students: Examining the Efficacy of Federal Policy and Funding. Education and Urban Society. 

  •  Woolley, M., Rose, T., & Klumpner, S. (in press). Teachers and peers in the school climate: Influences on middle school student engagement and academic performance. The Journal of Early Adolescence.

  • Klumpner, S. & Woolley, M. (2018). Identifying and selecting evidenced-based early intervention programs for elementary students displaying physical aggression. School Social Work Journal. 

  •  Afkinich, J. & Klumpner, S. (2018). Influence of violence prevention programs and outside organizations on school violence. Journal for the Society of Social Work and Research.

  • Shaw, T.V., Klumpner, S., & Henneberger, A.K. (2017). Workforce Outcomes in Maryland for Students who do not Attend College: Patterns among Students who Earn a High School Diploma, Certificate of Completion, Diploma via GED, and High School Non-Completers. Baltimore, MD: Maryland Longitudinal Data SystemS Center.  

Presentations (last 3 years)

  • Brown, T. & Klumpner, S. (January 2020). A Comparative case study analysis of out-of-school time programming in urban communities: The role and impact of community mentors as program staff. Poster presentation at the Society of Social Work and Research (SSWR), S. Klumpner 5 24th Annual Conference: Washington, D.C.  

  •  Azhar, S., Farina, A., Alvarez, A., & Klumpner, S. (January 2020). Microaggressions against Asian Americans: Utilizing critical race theory to analyze racial stereotypes in the #Thisis2016 hashtag. Poster presentation at the Society of Social Work and Research (SSWR), 24th Annual Conference: Washington, D.C.

  • Alvarez, A., Azhar, S., Farina, A., & Klumpner, S. (November 2018). Experiences of racism, discrimination, and microaggressions among Asian Americans: Analysis of #thisis2016. Oral presentation at the Council on Social Work Engagement Conference in Orlando, FL. 

  •  Klumpner, S. (July 2018). The ACE Project: A case example of an after school program for grades K-5. Poster Presentation at the University of Maryland, Baltimore Training Institutes in Washington D.C. 

  •  Klumpner, S., Hoffler, E., & Afkinich, J. (October 2017). Factors that Influence Social Workers’ Engagement in Social and Political Action. Oral presentation presented at the Council on Social Work Engagement Conference in Dallas, TX.