Dean Adams


Headshot of Dean Adams



  • 43300 The Exceptional Child

Job experience

  • Interim Director of Disability Cultural Center, University of Illinois in Chicago

  •  Visiting Assistant Professor of Women and Gender Studies, University of Toledo

  •  Instructor in Special Education, Syracuse University

  •  Instructor in Special Education, University of San Diego

Fields of Special Interest

  • DisCrit: Disability Studies & Critical Race Theory in Education

  •  Disability and the school to prison pipeline

  •  Critical Special Education

  • Intersections of gender, gender identity, and disability

  •  Accessibility and Universal Design


Publications or presentations (last 3 years)

  • Adams, D and Erevelles, N. (2017) Unexpected Spaces of Confinement: Aversive Technologies, Cognitive Diability, and the "Bare Life".  Punishment and Society.

  •  Adams, D and Erevelles, N. (2015). Shadow Play: DISCRIT, Dis/Respectability and Carceral Logics. In Annamma, A.S., Connor, D., and Ferri, B. (eds.) DisCrit: Disability studies and critical race theory in education. NY: Teachers College Press.

  •  Adams, D. and Meiners, E. (2014, reprinted 2018). Who wants to be special? Pathologization and the Preparation of Bodies for Prison. In Nocella II, A., Parmar, P., and Stovall, D. (eds.) Critical Urban Education: Dismantling the School to Prison Pipeline, NY: Peter Lang Publishing.

  •  Morgan, J. J. and Adams, D. (2013). Bullying and Students with Disabilities: The Bully, the Bullied, and the Misunderstood. In Miller, S., Burns, L., and Johnson, T.S. (eds.) Generation BULLIED 2.0: Prevention and intervention strategies for our most vulnerable students, New York: Peter Lang.

  •  Adams, D. and Socha, K. (2012). Shocking into Submission: Suppressive Practices and Use of Behavior Modification on Nonhuman Animals, People with Disabilities and the Environment. In Bentley, J., Duncan, J., and Nocella, A. (eds.) Eco-Ability and Inclusive Education: Nature, Animals, and Disability. NY: Peter Lang Publishing.

  • Adams, D.  Planning Across Scales: What does it Mean to be an Inclusive Campus? National Association of College Ausiliary Services, Chicago, July 2019.

  •  Adams, D. Disability Cultural Center and AHEAD: Interactive Panel with Disability Cultural Center Leaders Association on Higher Education and Disability, Boston, July 2019.

  •  Adams, D. Looking at School Discipline from the Perspective of Critical Race Theory and DisCrit: How Multiple Identities Intersect to Create Inequities in School Discipline (Invited speaker) Reducing Suspensions and Expulsions of Students with Disabilities: Linking Research, Law, Policy and Practice Conference; Loyola University and Spencer Foundation, Chicago, June 2019.

  • Adams, D. Shocking into Submission: The abuse of behavior modification in normalizing practices (Invited Speaker) University of Iceland, Reykjavík, October 2018.

  •  Adams, D.  A “culture of care”: G4S, and Carceral State Education National Women Studies Association Conference, Baltimore, 2017.

  •  Adams, D. Disability as Acceptability? Parents’ usage of disability as pathway for acceptance of their transgender children.  Canadian Disability Studies Conference, Toronto, Canada., June 2017.

  •  Adams, D.  Disability as Acceptability? Parents’ usage of disability as pathway for acceptance of their transgender children. The Ohio State Queer Places, Practices, and Lives Conference. Columbus, OH, May 2017.

  •  Adams, D. The Politics of Childhood, Cognitive Disability, and the “Bare Life” in the Carceral State. With Nirmala Erevelles American Education Research Association Conference, San Antonio, TX, 2017.

  •  Adams, D. ‘Truscum’ Internalizing the Medical Gaze of Gender.International Trans Studies Conference, Tucson, AZ, September 2016.