Danielle Bastian



  • 69004 Social Work and Sex Workers

Job Experience

  • Clinical Supervisor, YouthCare

  • Behavioral Health Clincal Care Coordinator, Meridian Health Plan

  • Case Manager, Thresholds Grais Apartments

Fields of Special Interest

  • Harm Reduction
  • Sex Work/Sex Trade
  • Trafficking Issues and Policy
  • Co-Occuring Disorders/MISA
  • Community Organizing

Publications or Presentations

  • Jessica Bishop-Royse, Danielle Bastian, Crysta Heart & Greg Scott(2021)Trafficking in the Erotic Labor Market: A National Survey,Journal of Human Trafficking,7:2,121-136,DOI: 10.1080/23322705.2019.1695094

  • “The Impact of Anti-Trafficking Legislation on Sex Workers,” Midwest Harm Reducation Institute Regional Conference, University of Illinois at Chicago, October 2018.

  •  “Sex Worker Health,” Iowa Harm Reduction Summit, University of Iowa, September 2018.

  •  “The Truth about SESTA, Sex Work and Decriminalization,” Panelist, DePaul University, May 2018.

  •  “Understanding and Supporting Individuals in the Sex Trade,” University of Southern Florida St. Petersburg (April 2018), Chicago School of Psychology (2013-2018), Chicago House and Social Service Agency (2015),  Deborah's Place (2014), Howard Brown Health Center (January 2013).

  • Challenging the Victim-Centered Approach,” Human Trafficking and Social Justice Conference, University of Toledo, September 2017.

  •  “Uncovering the Truth About Trafficking in the U.S.: Preliminary Findings from the Erotic Labor Market Research Study,” Human Trafficking and Social Justice Conference, University of Toledo, September 2016