Charlotte Towle and Wilma Walker

Historic Achievements

  • Proposed the philosophy that social work demands a firm intellectual base in the social sciences.

  • Pioneered an orientation toward public agencies as well as private charities.

  • Offered psychiatric course work as early as 1912.

  • Began publishing Social Service Review, the first scholarly journal in the field of social work, in 1927.

  • Laid the foundation for the child-related provisions of the nation's Social Security system through research on the status of mothers and children in the 1930s.

  • Developed the generic casework curriculum that became a model for social work education.

  • Professor Charlotte Towle published Common Human Needs, the classic manual for public assistance workers that linked psychiatric theories to social work practice (1945).

  • Developed the first social policy sequence in the country (1968).

  • Applied behavior modification to casework.

  • Under the supervision of Helen Harris Perlman, the School of Social Service Administration (now the Crown Family School) developed the task-centered approach to practice.