Crown Family School Computing Policies

General Use of Computers at Crown Family School

All Crown Family School and University equipment and computing services are held responsible to the University’s Eligibility and Acceptable use Policy. In short, this policy states that any computing services or hardware should only be used in connection with University's core teaching, research, and service missions. i.e.: "Under no circumstances may faculty, students, staff, or others use University information technology in ways that are illegal, that threaten the University's tax-exempt or other status, or that interfere with reasonable use by other members of the University community. Violations of information-technology rules and policies typically result in University disciplinary action, which may have serious consequences." For more detailed information see the University’s policies.

Computer Lab Availability

The Computer Lab is available during regular building hours. If you continue to work after hours, there should always be at least two students in the Lab for your own security. Please do not allow anyone into the Lab or building after hours. Only Crown Family School students, faculty, and staff are eligible to use the labs. Do not give anyone access to your account or any Crown Family School computer for any reason. If you are the last to leave the Lab in the evening, be sure that the both doors are closed (locked) and the lights have all been turned off.

Crown Family School Accounts

You are responsible for any and all activity when you are logged into your account at Crown Family School. For this reason, do not give out your password to anyone else, including students and other members of the Crown Family School. Any unauthorized users such as family members and friends using your account will be asked to leave and your computing privileges may be revoked. If you or another student can not log in or has forgotten their password, that person must see someone with the IT Staff to remedy the problem. Do not 'share' your account. Please remember to log out of your account at the end of your session so as not to leave your account open to others and to also prevent data loss.

Personal Software

All Lab computers are equipped with all the software that is required for coursework and instruction at the Crown Family School. If you can not find an application that is needed, please check with the IT Staff. Do not attempt to install any software yourself as this might violate University Acceptable Use Policy and could possibly damage the installed software. If you are prompted to install software while using a computer, contact a member of the IT staff immediately.

These Applications are available from the Start Menu on all Crown Family School Lab Computers:

  • Microsoft Office, (Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Access, Publisher)
  • Adobe Reader
  • Microsoft Edge, Firefox, Google Chrome
  • SPSS
  • Utilities: 7-zip, Calculator
  • Media Viewers: Windows Media PlayerVLC Player

Copy, Print, Fax, and Scan

The University of Chicago's printing service is available at campus libraries, residence halls, and the Arley D. Cathey Learning Center. The Crown Family School has unified printers just outside of the Social Work Library entrance and in the computer lab. Please note that access to campus buildings remains limited and requires a UChicago ID to enter. Please visit the UChicago Unified Priting page for more information.

Storage space

All Crown Family School computers provide removable storage for USB Flash Drives. If you choose to store your data on some type of removable media, be sure to label it and put your name on it in the event of its loss. In addition, accounts are provided with network storage space in the form of a home folder. You may use this space to store any of your files up to your storage quota. You will be automatically notified if you exceed your quota and will have to reduce the number of files. You may use the desktop to store files for temporary work, but storing any information there permanently is not recommended. 

Official Communications by E-Mail

All Official communications from the University will be sent via e-mail to your CNet account. No other client software is offered due to storage restrictions. You are responsible for all information sent to this account. If you wish to read university mail via a personal account, you assume the responsibility to set up and maintain any forwarding functions. Resources for your e-mail account can be found on the Web.

Crown Family School IT Lost and Found

Lost items including articles of clothing, disks, books, and jewelry found in the Computer Lab or the public computing spaces are kept in IT office in BW5a across from the Lab. Items are kept until the end of the quarter and are cleaned out at the beginning of each following quarter. Lost Computer Lab items can also be retrieved from the reception desk in the lobby.

Lab Etiquette

Beverages & Food

NO FOOD or DRINK is permitted in the Computer Labs or in any public computing spaces at the Crown Family School. Anyone that brings a meal into the Lab will be asked to leave. Anyone causing damage from the use of food or drink may be held liable for the cost of repairs. If you have been working for a long time, please leave your work area and take a break.


Please respect others and do not take calls in the Lab or use cell phones in the surrounding hallways. Conversations can disrupt both those in the Lab and the nearby offices. If you receive a phone call please retreat to the stairwell or go upstairs. You will find that the reception is much better as well.

Notes on Security

The Crown Family School IT department installs and maintains the latest anti-virus software on all its computers. While this ensures a greater level of safety, the biggest security risk is an uninformed user that mistakenly opens a file or website. The latest viruses all take advantage of human factors and try to mislead the reader into believing that the message is from someone known or in authority. Please delete any messages that you receive from unknown or unfamiliar sources and treat unexpected email and offers with caution. As matter of security the University or Crown Family School IT will never send attachments or passwords, nor ask for any private information via email. If you find that your account has changed in any way or was found logged in without your knowledge, please change your password immediately and contact the Crown Family School's IT department.


Keep in mind that the Computer Lab and east corridor cubicles are a shared, public space and take others into consideration. Do not treat the cubicles at the east end of the basement (or the Lab) as your personal office. Please clean up your workspace and remove any garbage or paper when you are done with your work. Leaving paper, food, and general waste behind is not only rude to your fellow students but this can also invite insects and rodents into the Lab spaces. We have no wish to 'police' the Labs and the IT staff understands that there are deadlines and difficulties with using shared computers. Please help us to maintain the best experience for everyone.