Crown Family School is dedicated to working toward a more just and humane society through research, teaching, and service to the community: a world where all individuals, families, and communities can attain a better quality of life, free of violence, filled with educational and economic opportunities, with access to quality health care. These are issues that affect everyone in some way. They impact our economic and public infrastructure, and our prosperity as a nation.

We invite you to partner with Crown Family School in several key initiatives. These efforts include crime and violence prevention; lifting people out of poverty; addressing health disparities; and globalization and its effects on social welfare

When you partner with us in these initiatives, you support the Crown Family School in multiple ways – providing scholarships to deserving and qualified students, funding faculty research efforts and involvement of other leading scholars, and providing enhancements to field education for students and working practitioners among other efforts. 

Learn more about two remarkable Crown Family School students who are starting their careers in social work:

View our "Day in the Life" video of Connor Williams. He was a Clinical Practice student.

View our "Day in the Life" video of Claire Schu. She was a Social Administration student.

Learn more about Crown Family School's unique field education program:

Crown Family School’s Excellence in Field Education

Benefactors support the training and development of a new generation of leaders who serve vulnerable and marginalized people in distress and make lasting impact in lifting up their lives.