Yolanda Green-Rogers in front of a gray background wearing glasses, pearl earrings, and a dark blouse

Yolanda Green-Rogers


969 E. 60th St.
Chicago, IL 60637

Areas of Expertise
Child Welfare and Child Protection
Non-Profit Organizations
Quality Monitoring & Improvement for the Social Services

This course has three primary foci. 1) How to help social service agencies monitor their programs for quality. 2) How to help social service agencies improve services...

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  • 64600 Quality Monitoring and Improvement for the Social Services

Job Experience

  • Senior Policy Analyst, Chapin Hall at the University of Chicago
  • Quality Assurance Specialist, federal Child and Family Services Reviews, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services
  • Director, Foster Care Utilization Review Program, Children and Family Research Center at the University of Illinois in Urbana-Champaign

Fields of Special Interest

  • Continuous quality improvement systems development and training
  • Child welfare policy and practice
  • Child welfare agency capacity building


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  • Green-Rogers, Y. (2021, September), CQI 101: The How and Why of CQI. Presentation at the 2021 Virtual Illinois CQI Conference.
  • Dellor, E., Freisthler, B., Green-Rogers, Y. (2021, September), Co-Creating Race Equity Tools: Practical Strategies for Evaluation & Continuous Quality Improvement Efforts. Presentation at the Children’s Bureau Child Welfare Virtual Expo.
  • Green-Rogers, Y., Brown, J., Thomas, K., Warren, J. (2019, August) Ready, Set, Transform: Assessing Provider Readiness for Family First. Presentation at the 2019 National Child Welfare Evaluation Summit. Washington, DC.
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  • Cooper, K. & Green-Rogers, Y. (2019, May) Continuous quality improvement: a strategic lever for building a learning culture and monitoring organizational impact. Presented at the 30th Annual Network for Social Work Management Conference. Chicago, IL.
  • Lynch, M. & Green-Rogers, Y. (2019, May). Leveraging the Family First Prevention Services Act to encourage innovation and maximize performance management and impact. Presentation at the 30th Annual Network for Social Work Management Conference, Chicago, IL.
  • Lynch, M. & Green-Rogers, Y. (2019, May). Building capacity for continuous quality improvement activities. Webinar for the Linking Systems of Care Initiative of the National Center on Juvenile Justice.
  • Green-Rogers, Y. (2019, March). Building capacity for CQI activities. Webinar for the Juvenile Justice Commission Capacity Building Initiative Learning Series through the Illinois Collaboration on Youth (ICOY) & Strengthening Chicago’s Youth (SCY).
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