The Crown Family School and Chicago

As a great American city, Chicago and its surroundings provide a superb context for learning in the field. It is one of the nation’s most diverse cities—a kaleidoscope of social and cultural traditions and populations. Chicago experiences all of the significant problems of the modern metropolis: poverty, violence, crime, dysfunctional schools, inadequate health services, drug use, family breakdown, social exclusion, and community disruption. Our students are able to witness, learn from, and contribute to this complex of activity.

Chicago has notably been at the forefront of pioneering movements in social work, community organizing, women’s rights, urban planning and architecture, labor organizing, and African American politics. Building on this tradition, our faculty lead centers and initiatives that yield both knowledge for the field at-large and tangible benefit to the citizens of Chicago, as well as offer opportunities to expand the University’s partnership with the City of Chicago. To further advance our community commitment, the Crown Family School has launched an Office of Community Partnership and Impact, which develops and advances strategic partnerships with community members, local organizations, government agencies, and other key stakeholders. These partnerships strengthen South Side neighborhoods, expand opportunities for faculty-led research, and enrich students' academic experience. Our goal — expressed by our founders more than a century ago — is to help create a more engaged University that includes and responds to the voices and needs of our neighbors.