Minor Course List

Inequality, Social Problems, and Change

The following are approved elective courses for the 2023-24 academic year. Crown Family School faculty have an asterisk after their names. Search for Crown Family School courses in our Course Catalog.

Please note that elective courses can change from year to year.

Course #

Course Description


SSAD 23412  

Cultural Studies in Education

Shanta' Robinson*

SSAD 21000   

Race and American Public Schools 

Eve L. Ewing

SSAD 21100

How Things Get Done in Cities and Why


SSAD 21501

Genealogies of Environmental Organizing and Activism

Mary Beth Pudup

SSAD 21750/41750  Housing, Inequality, and Society  Robin Bartram

SSAD 28112

Community Organizing


SOCI 20269

Policing the City


SOCI 20503

Sociology of Race and Racism


SOCI 20233

Race in Contemporary American Society

Sharon Hicks-Bartlett

SOCI 202971

Education and Social Inequality

Lisa Rosen

SOCI 20521

Sociology of Urban Planning: Cities, Territories, Environments


CHDV 20305

Inequality in Urban Spaces


PBPL 25704

Environmental Justice in Chicago


PBPL 262601

Environmental Justice in Principle and Practice

Raymond Lodato

PLSC 20817

Race, Social Movements and American Politics


PLSC 26000

Race and Politics


LLSO 29705

Democracy and Equality


RLST 10102

Religion, Reason, and the State


Course #

Course Description


SSAD 26922

Structuring Refuge: U.S. Refugee Policy and Implementation Practice

Jessica Darrow*

SSAD 21300

Global Mental Health Issues

Zhiying Ma*

SSAD 21200

Policing, Citizenship, and Inequality in Comparative Perspective


SSAD 25003

Immigration, Law and Society


SSAD 25112

Contemporary Immigration Policy and Practice


PBPL 28498

Women, Development and Politics


PBPL 27809

Violence in the Early Years


PLSC 21820

Global Justice and the Ethics of Immigration



International Human Rights Law and Practice


MAPSS 31509

Migration and Development


PPHA 32760

Global Development and Social Welfare

Kathleen Anne Cavanaugh

CCTS 21009

Justice, Solidarity, and Global Health


HMRT 210011

Human Rights: Contemporary Issues

Susan Gzesh

Course #

Course Description


SSAD 25005

Inequality at Work: The Changing Nature of Jobs and Prospects for Improvement

Susan Lambert*

SSAD 25630
PBPL 25630
LLSO 25630

Poverty, Work and Family Policy

Julia Henly* 

SSAD 20550

Food Insecurity and Food Policy in the U.S.

Elaine Waxman

MAPSS 31507

Work in the Informal and Gig Economy


Course #

Course Description


SSAD 25003

Immigration, Law and Society

Angela Garcia*

SSAD 25004

Punishment and Social Theory


SSAD 27452

Smart Decarceration: A Grand Challenge for Social Work


PBPL 25860

Crime, Justice, and Inequality in the American City


PBPL 23300

Justice, Equity, and Opportunity: Shifting Approaches to Criminal Justice Reform


PBPL 28501

Process and Policy in State and City Government


PBPL 29502

Policing in America: Black, White and Blue

Clayton Harris

Course #

Course Description


SSAD  25006 Global Health Initiatives: An Interdisciplinary Approach Leyla Ismayilova

SSAD 25732

Prejudice and Discrimination: Individual Cost and Response 

Yoonsun Choi*

SSAD 22812

Examining Historical Trauma: Intergenerational Responses to the Holocaust

Amelia Klein

SSAD 21300

Global Mental Health Issues


RLST 10102

Religion, Reason, and the State


CHDV 23405

Cultural Diversity, Structural Barriers, and Multilingualism in Clinical and Healing Encounters


CHDV 245991

Historical and Contemporary Issues in U.S. Racial Health Inequality

Idolly Keels

GNSE 23132

Activist Survival Kits: Feminism, Race, and the Politics of Movement Health


CCTS 21009

Justice, Solidarity, and Global Health


ANTH 22845

Xenophobia and the Politics of Belonging


PSYC 22201

Understanding Inequality as a Psychologist

Lin Bian

Program Director

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