Supervision and Management in Social Work Organizations

Course Number: 45922

Course Description

Eighty-five percent of social workers practice their trade within an organizational setting. Most social workers, at some point, will find themselves in the role of supervisor and manager. This course is an introduction to the unique and important role of these social work supervisors and managers and their day-to-day realities in today's complex social service environment. An emphasis will be placed on issues such as accountability, developing and motivating others, supporting and caring for staff, and effective feedback as well as reflective practice and leadership. Students will learn about the impact of related organizational structures and addressing the combination of worker burn-out and compassion fatigue. This course will be presented from the perspective of a practitioner in the field and will include materials from both social work and general management sources. Topics will be relevant to students interested in direct practice, supervision, and administration. Experiences from the student's employment or field placement will be explored.

Requirements Filled

Social Administration: All Courses

Addressing Educational Inequalities Program Course

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