Self Awareness and Social Work with Diverse Populations

Course Number: 44122

Course Description

This course assists both practice and policy students in developing an increased awareness of self in order to more effectively intervene with regards to practice and policy in the lives of diverse client populations. Drawing upon the sociological, psychological and social work literatures, particular emphasis is placed on the function of structural and social inequality as it relates to the interplay of difference and power associated with gender, sexual orientation, race and ethnicity, spiritual beliefs, social class, nationality and developmental and disabling conditions. Students explore these topics through examination of their own multiple identities and with the use of films, discussion groups and additional perspectives introduced by guest experts. Practice and policy frameworks for exploring difference and intervening with diverse clients are examined.

Requirements Filled

Clinical Concentration: All Clinical Classes

Social Administration: All Courses

Foundational Diversity Courses

Professors and Lecturers Who Teach This Course

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