Advocates' Forum 2014 Letter from the Editor

By Liza Doran

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Advocates' Forum

Each edition of Advocates’ Forum provides a lens into the interests, insights, and intellect of social work students on a range of issues. This year is no different, as the journal presents articles that reflect the wide range of issues relevant to social work and social justice. Two of these articles focus on clinical social work practice and challenge readers to rethink the construction and treatment of Borderline Personality Disorder as well as the gender formation and identity of trans* individuals. Three more articles demonstrate the commitment of the School of Social Service Administration to serving individuals both domestically and internationally, exploring timely issues of social justice in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and Gary, Indiana, and analyzing the provision of social services in the United States to the children of undocumented parents. The range and relevance of these topics demonstrate social work’s commitment to addressing inequality and injustice on all levels.

The journal is a result of the meticulous work of many within the SSA community. I sincerely thank Associate Professor Virginia Parks, our faculty advisor for Advocates’ Forum, for her unfailing support and sound guidance, as well as Daniel Listoe, Ph.D., editing consultant, for his comprehensive and nuanced work with the authors, Julie Jung, Director of Communications, and Dean Neil Guterman. Finally, I thank the editorial board for their dedication and hard work to ensure the journal’s excellence and representation of the many facets encompassed within the field.