Advocates' Forum 2012: Letter from the Editor

By Janet Li

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Advocates' Forum

This year’s issue of Advocates’ Forum presents five articles whose authors offer singular perspectives on a range of issues—from examining chronic disease management and its positive impact on improving health outcomes for low-income individuals, to the challenges of professionally transitioning from a clinician to an administrator.  What all the articles have in common, however, is that they shine a social justice spotlight on issues in the United States.  The domestic focus is unsurprising given that 2012 is a presidential election year—typically a time where people voice their concerns about and desire for changes in the state of the nation—and given that social work students continually serve as agile receptors and advocates for such concerns and changes.  The authors featured in this year’s journal are no exception. 

I would like to sincerely thank Professor Virginia Parks, faculty adviser of Advocates’ Forum, for her sound guidance and unceasing support of the journal; Dr. Daniel Listoe, editing consultant, for his nuanced and careful work with the authors; Julie Jung, Director of Communications; and Dean Neil Guterman.  Finally, I would like to thank the editorial board for their hard work and dedication to ensure the quality and integrity of the journal.  Their noteworthy efforts are clearly evident in the 2012 edition of Advocates’ Forum.