SSA Magazine - Spring 2009

Spring 2009

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  • Viewpoint - From the Dean: Reflections on the SSA Centennial: yesterday and today.
  • In Treatment: Researchers are learning how to help women who need substance abuse treatment, but the reality is, the best options aren't always available.
    • Targeted Treatment: Researchers and policymakers are exploring the intricacies of substance abuse treatment for a variety of populations.
    • Moral Hazard: At times, moral judgments can run counter to policies and programs regarding substance abuse treatment.
  • A Community Under Construction: The success of the Chicago Housing Authority's big bet on mixed-income housing will hinge on whether the developments can become true communities. This article contains research conducted by SSA Associate Professor Robert Chaskin and Professor Mark Joseph of the Mandel School of Applied Sciences at Case-Western University.
    • Welcome to the Neighborhood: Now that the Department of Housing and Urban Development's 10-year Moving to Opportunity (MTO) experiment is over, what were the results of moving families to wealthier communities?
    • The Museum of Public Housing: The final building left standing from the Chicago Housing Authority's Jane Addams Homes development will be turned into a museum, if the necessary funds can be raised.
  • Elder Statesmen: Social work education is exploring how to prepare for the complex needs of an aging population.
    • Senior Researcher: SSA Assistant Professor Jung-Hwa Ha is one of a new generation of scholars carving out paths in new gerontology research.
  • Giving in hard Times: In this terrible economy, there's ore need for help but less money to give. How will philanthropy react?
  • Get Well Soon: Exploring the link between parents' low-wage work and children's health.
  • Add the Dad: Fatherhood initiatives are exploring how to bring more men into family social services
  • A Voice from the Field - A Person in Context: As Jonathan Wildt finds his place in the world of international aid, he provides a social work perspective in Darfur
  • Conversations - On the Run: SSA Assistant Professor Gina Miranda Samuels and DCFS Director Erwin McEwan discuss child protective services, foster care, and more.
  • Behind the Numbers - 150 billion: annual public and private expenditures for social service programs. Weaving a Better Net: Local social service delivery is the real safety net for low-income families.

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