Electives & Programs of Study (SW)

The Crown Family School's Social Work, Social Policy and Social Administration (SW) program prepares you to be a leader in the fields of clinical social work and social administration practice. Our curriculum is flexible. The comprehensive and interdisciplinary nature of our two-year AM degree (equivalent to an MSW) translates into greater opportunities and choices in your future career. In addition to the core and required courses in the clinical social work and social work administration concentrations, students choose from a variety of electives each year. You may peruse our current offerings in our Course Catalog.

Crown Family School students also have the opportunity to apply to a Certificate Program in either Global Social Development Practice (GSDP) or the Graduate Program in Health Administration and Policy (GPHAP) or to one of our Programs of Study. 

Programs of Study

Approximately forty percent of our students apply to and complete a Program of Study. These programs are faculty designed elective sequences that combine carefully selected courses and field placements geared toward a particular area of social work. Each Program of Study has prescribed requirements, either required courses or sets of courses from which you may choose. Importantly, each program combines course work with a related field experience to allow you to connect theoretical learning with the development of competencies in a particular area of practice. 

You must be accepted first to the Crown Family School and then by the individual Program of Study. Crown Family School students apply to Programs of Study during the winter of their first year. First-year Crown Family School students can apply to the Global Social Development Practice (GSDP) Program of Study during the fall quarter of their first year.

Clinical Programs:
Advanced AOD (Alcohol and Other Drug) Counselor Training Program
The Contextual Behavior Practices Program of Study
School Social Work Program

Social Administration Program:
Addressing Social Inequality: Innovations in Policy Practice

Both Clinical and Social Administration Programs:
Global Social Development Practice (GSDP)
Transforming Justice: Policies and Practices
Trauma Responsive Social Work