Phil the Phoenix

Durrell M. Washington Sr.

Doctoral Student

969 E. 60th Street
Chicago, IL 60637

Areas of Expertise
Criminal Legal Policy

Research Interests: Abolition; Juvenile Legal Law and Policy; Black Families, Health; and Networks

  • Hill, A., Washington, D. M., Kern, L.,Harper, T., The Role of Social Workers in Transforming the American Educational System as a Means to Carceral Abolition. (Accepted)
  •  Marotta, P. L., Marina, S., Renee, Williams., *Washington, D.M., Dexter, V. (2020). Racial and ethnic disparities, referral source and attrition from outpatient substance use disorder treatment among adolescents in the United States. Youth and Society. DOI: 10.1177/0044118X20960635
  •  *Washington, D.M., & Hill, A. (2020) Contextualizing Contemporary Black Resistance. American Muslim Health Professionals.
  • *Washington, D., Nadon, M.L., Guz, S., & Robinson, S.The Social Work Profession’s Role in Working Within Vulnerable Youth Systems. Council on Social Work Education Annual Conference. Panel Presentation, Denver, CO.
  •  *Washington, D., Patton, D. U., & Frey, W. R. WYSA: Using Artificial Intelligence to Address Emotional and Behavioral Health. Society for Social Work and Research. Oral Presentation, Washington, DC. 
  •  Rodgers, S. T., & *Washington, D.M. (Accepted 2019 for October 2020 release). Stalking and Order of Protections. In: G. Robertiello (Ed.), Sexual Harassment and Misconduct: An Encyclopedia (online).  Greenwood/Praeger: ABC-CLIO.
  •  Washington, D. M. (2019). Mass Incarceration: Overview of its Effects on Black and Brown Individuals, with Policy Recommendations Using Family Engagement to Address Recidivism. Columbia Social Work Review, 16(1), 34-44.


  • 61400 The Social Meaning of Race
  • 62100 Creating New Anchors: An Introduction to Prison Industrial Complex Abolition

Job Experience

  • Staff Associate- Officer of Research- Columbia University Justice Lab
  • Research Fellow- Columbia University School of Social Work SAFELab