Treating Complex Trauma: A Skills-based Approach

Course Number: 61822

Course Description

This course offers theory and skills-based approaches to conceptualize and treat individuals and families impacted by Traumatic Related Stress Disorder, specifically emerging categories referred to as Developmental Trauma Disorder and Complex Trauma (c-PTSD). Students will learn how to better intervene on behalf of individuals impacted based on their experiences with adverse childhood experiences (ACES).

The tri-phasic model of treatment and the special considerations for dissociative disorders, including challenges to sustaining the therapeutic alliance, creating safety, establishing affect regulation, stabilization, and the integration of traumatic experience is highlighted. This class is designed for students who are interested in developing their skills in treating clients with complex trauma and dissociative disorders. The model incorporates aspects of the core principles of trauma-informed care, attachment theory, and cognitive restructuring. The impact of culture, religion, gender, and family influences on thoughts, feelings, and behaviors will be an essential focus.

Requirements Filled

Advanced Human Behavior in the Social Environment Courses

Clinical Concentration: All Clinical Classes

Trauma-related Courses

AODA: Alcohol and Other Drug Abuse Program Courses

Trauma Responsive Social Work Program Course

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