Program Evaluation in International Settings

Course Number: 63800

Course Description

Increasing demand for transparency and accountability in the field of international development has heightened the need for evaluation of effectiveness and impact of programs. This course will examine principles, methods and practices of evaluating social programs and services in the international settings. This course focuses on types of evaluation, evaluation design and theory, measurement, sampling, data collection, ethics and politics in evaluation, data analysis, and utilization of findings. The course emphasizes involving agency and client constituencies in the development, implementation and dissemination of evaluation efforts.

Students in this course will become familiar with various forms of evaluation and acquire the technical skills necessary for their development, design and execution of program evaluation in the international context. Specifically, students will discover methods for crafting evaluation questions, designing instruments, sampling and data gathering to achieve good response rates, data analysis and presentation of evaluation findings in culturally diverse and low-resource settings.
This course is one of SSA's global and international course offerings.

Requirements Filled

Clinical Concentration: All Clinical Classes

Social Administration: All Courses

Advanced Research Methods Courses

Global Social Development Practice Program

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