Organizational Analysis for Social Sector Leaders

Course Number: 35400

Course Description

This course introduces a variety of theoretical perspectives on organizations, in a way that connects key insights from theory to the improvement of leadership and management in social sector organizations. Fundamental to this perspective is the fact that organizations are not islands unto themselves; they are situated in complex and dynamic external environments which good leaders and managers must understand in order to guide their organizations towards success. This course is intended to help students better understand the organizations they work in, the environments those organizations are situated in, and how the intersection of organization and environment, as well as internal organizational structures and processes, affect social outcomes and community well-being. Course goals include: 1) appreciating the ethical, political, and historical roots of contemporary controversies in management practice, and also the usefulness of independent critical thinking and analysis; 2) developing advanced knowledge of the challenges involved in the management and design of social sector organizations; 3) developing analytical skills to intervene in organizational processes in ways that advance social and economic justice, 4) analyzing, assessing, and improving links between social sector organizations and their external environment; and, 5) building skills necessary to assume leadership positions in the social sector. This course is restricted to students enrolled in the Crown Family School's Social Sector Leadership and Nonprofit Management degree; exceptions may be made by the Faculty Director of the SSL program. SSL ONLY

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