Global Mental Health

Course Number: 41412

Course Description

Global mental health has emerged as a priority for multilateral institutions like the World Health Organization and World Bank, for international non-governmental organizations, and for academic researchers alike. This course examines the foundations, practices, and critiques of this field. We will explore how socio-cultural processes shape the experience of distress and mental illness; various cultures of healing, including Western psychiatry, and their power dynamics; gaps and inequalities in service provision; as well as approaches to and challenges of cross-cultural diagnosis/treatment/epidemiology. Building on these explorations, we will then turn to the tools, programs, and practices that constitute the somewhat amorphous movement called “Global Mental Health.” Ongoing debates of this movement will also be examined. This course will take an interdisciplinary approach, with readings drawn from psychiatry, public policy, anthropology, history, sociology, and so on. Through discussions and assignments, students will develop skills to design, evaluate, and critically reflect upon global mental health interventions.

Requirements Filled

Clinical Concentration: All Clinical Classes

Social Administration: All Courses

Global Social Development Practice Program

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