The Exceptional Child

Course Number: 43300

Course Description

This course focuses on categories of exceptional children as defined by federal and state legislation, including the Individuals with Disability Education Act (P.L. 94-142), the Rehabilitation Act (Section 504), and policies and programs for children who have disabilities. The prevalence and description of childhood disabilities and chronic illnesses are discussed. The role of the social worker in providing appropriate services to children and their parents in a school setting is emphasized. Methods of evaluating children, as well as current research in the field, are considered. Enrollment is limited to School Social Work students only. (Completion of course is required for State School Social Work Licensure.)
This course fulfills the Human Diversity Requirement.

Requirements Filled

Advanced Human Behavior in the Social Environment Courses

Clinical Concentration: All Clinical Classes

School Social Work Program Courses

Specialized Diversity Courses

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