Crisis Intervention Methods

Course Number: 69950

Course Description

This course is an overview of crisis intervention theories and interventions. The various stages of crisis will be explored, ranging from an acute and sudden situation threatening physical safety to someone who is experiencing a life change crisis. Psychological first aid will be discussed in detail and its application across different settings will also be highlighted. Another focus of the course is on traumatic stress for service providers across different settings.
Overall, this course is designed to help students develop an understanding of practical skills for supporting someone in crisis while caring for ourselves. This course is primarily intended for direct practice social work students who will inevitably be confronted with someone in crisis within their service setting. Coursework will be centered on weekly readings, class discussion, small group work and also presenters who currently provide crisis intervention.
Guest presenters will include social workers, therapists, clinical psychologists, crisis counselors and medical staff/first responders who currently provide crisis intervention across different settings. Service topics covered will include suicide, domestic violence, sudden death grief support, sexual violence, acute physical trauma, youth trauma, crisis video and phone counseling, disaster crisis support and other related topics. Self-care will be discussed and encouraged throughout the course due to the nature of the topics covered.

Professors and Lecturers Who Teach This Course

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