Sean Hudson

Headshot of Sean Hudson



  • 48500 Data for Management and Policy Analysis

Job experience

  • Director of Research and Strategic Planning at Harry S Truman College, one of the City Colleges of Chicago
  • Senior Research Associate at the Council for Adult and Experiential Learning (CAEL)
  • Data and Research Associate at Illinois Action for Children (IAFC)
  • Academic Tutor for The Black Star Project

Fields of Special Interest

  •  Higher Education

  • Adult Learners

  • Workforce and Workplace Development

  • Foster Care

  • Black LGBTQ+

Publications or presentations (last 3 years)

  •  Hudson, S., Morys, A. & Klein-Collins (2019). Student veterans and higher education: policy recommendations for improving the higher education experiences of student veterans. Chicago: CAEL. 

  •  Glancey, K, Klein-Collins, R., & Hudson, S. (2018). Adept at adapting: Adult Learner 360 case studies on how institutions listen to students, faculty, and staff to redesign services for adult learners. Chicago: CAEL. Retrieved from 

  •  Hudson, S. & Klein-Collins (2018). More than just a job search: Relevant, intentional, and accessible career services for today's student (and returning adults).  Chicago: CAEL. Retrieved from

  •  Hudson, S. & Klein-Collins (2018). Making PLA count in the degree plan: What happens when students have flexibility in applying their "prior learning" to all types of degree requirements. Chicago: CAEL. Retrieved from 

  •  Klein-Collins, R & Hudson, S (2018). Do methods matter? PLA, portfolio assessment, and the road to completion and persistence. A study of prior learning assessment academic outcomes at four LearningCounts partner colleges. Chicago: CAEL. Retrieved from

  •  Klein-Collins, R & Hudson, S (2017). When happens when learning counts? Measuring the benefits of prior learning assessment for the adult learner - a CAEL self-study of the impact of CAEL's LearningCounts program on participating students. Chicago: CAEL. Retrieved from